Ta Ta Ta Rah and Lies

Continuing my Homage to my Siblings via Old Skool, it is now the turn of Tollita and Nene.  😀

I will do a separate song for each of them of course, but first I must share with all of you – painfully, I know – how we would LAUGH when anyone sang, or tried  to sing rather,  the “Ta Ta Ta Rah Song.”

Claudia would start, “Ta ta ta rah, ta ta ta rah..” and Nene in his Loud Shrilly 3 year old voice would Holler, “I want to sing the Ta Ta Ta Rah Song!”

So, Tollita would stop. 

Not very willingly, more like poutingly and upon request Demand, and Nene would start again…

“Ta Ta Ta Rah, Ta Ta Ta Rah…” Inhaling Deeply and Loudly while “tah tah tah rah” Exhaling while continuing, “ta ta ta rah.”

Claudia, and the rest of us, being the wonderful siblings that we were, would Ta ta ta rah right along with him just to hear him Screech, “I WANT TO SING THE TA TA TA RAH SONG!!”

And it would begin again…Good Lord, it was FUN!

In case you haven’t figured out the Ta ta ta rah song yet…

Yes, now you all will be Ta ta ta rah-ing all day long as well 😛

Now, don’t get me wrong, Nene wasn’t always hogging the spotlight for himself.  There were occassions that he would share it for brief moments and instances with Tollita. 

The clearest example of this is another of my favorite songs where he actually allowed her to sing with him. 

Of course, he sort of had to.  He did Mellow Man Ace’s lines and Claudia would do the Mentirosa’s lines 😉 

Very nice of him, huh?

They looked so adorable performing it too.  I still remember like it was yesterday…

I do hope you’re all enjoying the Jamz.

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