An Amazing Night

Tonight my Husband is giving Witness at a Presentation at our Parish.

The Subject of the Talk tonight is “Forni…what?? Unpacking the Church’s teachings on Pre-Marital Sex.” 

Tonight after the 7pm Mass, the Presentation will begin.  There will be Witness, Teachings, Practical Applications, Q&A, and of course Father Mario will speak to us as well. 

The Group of people Presenting and Sharing their Knowledge are Undoubtedly Amazing!  Courageous! And Knowledgable.  I am humbled and thankful to be partaking in this event. 

The motivation for this post, however, is not so much a Plug , though I do hope that those that are able, ATTEND.  It is motivated by this quote that I received in my Inbox this morning:

It was in that moment—when I was exposed, felt the weakest, and had my guard down—that I was simultaneously the strongest I had ever been.

~ Set Free To Love

These words, this message was not meant for me.  It was meant for my Husband.  As I mentioned, he will be speaking tonight.  He will be giving Witness.  He will be sharing his Testimony on Pre-Marital Sex. 

He has been quite unsure teetering back and forth for the past week.  Understandably so.  He will be exposed.  He will be quite open and thus vulnerable. 

As you know, we have had many, many downs.  These downs all have a common root cause, Lies and Betrayal. 

These Lies and Betrayal are rooted in…yes, as corny, as coincidental, as incidental, as random, as convenient as it may seem, they have deep roots in Pre-Marital Sex. 

My Husband will be exposing his past, what he has done, who he was…

It is not an easy thing to do.  Especially in front of a huge group of people.  You will be leaving yourself open for criticism, for judgement, for finger-pointing. 

But above all that, what we have discussed is that what he will be saying God Knows.  He Knows.  They Both Know.  And as crude as this is going to seem, what others think of him does not matter.  His, and my, hope is that he will be able to reach at least one person and Save them from this Hurt.  Help guide them, Help them learn from another’s mistakes.

To be quite honest, there is also a selfish motive on my part in wanting him to speak…Validation.  When I sit “In the Pews” and hear him tonight, see him open-up, then I will know, KNOW, that he truly is on the Path to Change. 

As I said, this quote is for him.  Though he will feel weakest, most vulnerable, he will in all reality be emptying himself of HIMSELF and opening up himself to God.  God will Fill him and make him Strong. 

For as a wise person told me, and I am paraphrasing, God loves when we come to him Broken, Weak, Vulnerable…because it is then that He can Lift Us Up and Give us True and Eternal Strength, Power and Love.

Pray for Him.  For Us.

And if you can, come by tonight.  It will be a Truly Inspiring and Amazing Night.

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  1. This is such an inspiring post. What you say, I believe, is absolutely true. Empty yourself and God will fill the space. I am praying for you and your family that this will be the turning point in your marriage. It will take bravery on all your parts, but God can and will prevail against all odds.


    1. The thing is that HE can make ANYTHING happen!

      WE just have to Let Him…and therein lies the problem. 😉

      I’m going to share with you what that Wise Person whom I mentioned Shared with Me in regards to this post:

      Ive seen just enough of the quick buys
      Of the best lies
      To know how prodigals can be drawn away

      I know how I can stray
      …And how fast my heart could change
      Empty me
      Of the selfishness inside
      Every vain ambition
      And the poison of my pride
      And any foolish thing my heart holds to
      Lord empty me of me
      So I can be
      Filled with you

      And before I forget, THANK YOU for your Prayers! They are MUCH Appreciated! 😀


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