Not What You Would Have Expected…


It went so much better than I expected!  Last night, PMS Night (Pre-Marital Sex, we must all thank one of the Beautiful Lady Presenters for that one quite BRILLIANT) was a success. 

How can I say that you may ask?

Well, for one, the feel of the night was not Finger-Wagging, it was not heavy and burdened, I dare say that it was quite light-hearted and intense, all at once. 

Next, everyone stayed until Father finished at 9:40 PM!!  It was scheduled to have finished at 9, but we ran over.  Thank God!  Personally, I think we should have run over about 4-5 minutes more.  A Gentleman that was presenting Character Building for men didn’t get to finish, and others were also rushed to finish their Presentations as well.  But I think we all got the gist.

Also, during the Q&A Session, there were REALLY Questions!  It takes a lot of guts to stand-up and ask a question about Sex in a Church!  Especially with all eyes on you and Father Mario there.  One of the questions was even from a TEEN!  😀

And finally, most Importantly, people were Touched and Reached!  THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen is what Truly and Irrevocably Constitutes a Successful Evening!  :mrgreen:

We had 3 different Testimonies.  One as you know was my Husband, the Married Man Witness.  Another, a Beautiful, Young, Single Lady Witness.  And finally, an Adorable Teenage Young Man. 

We had the Theological Aspect from JPII’s Theology of the Body.  The TRUE Catholic Church’s Teachings about Sex.  And to be quite honest, it is NOT what most of you Expect 😉   But to really understand it…READ IT!!!!  RESEARCH IT!!! Find out for YOURSELVES! 

We also had Practical Applications for the Theological Aspect and Character Building for both Men and Women.  Truly Powerful, By The Way!

We had the Q&A Portion.  We had many Resources available in a handout and on hand, Books, Websites, Groups, Groups that will be starting up, Programs…

And of course, the Golden Brooch for the evening, Father Mario! 

He addressed Sublimation and WHY even couples that are engaged should not be having PMS. 

Believe me, it was not what most people expected.  There was none of that Fear of STI’s or the Typical Unwanted and/or Unplanned Pregnancy Lecture…No Sir.  It was Real.  It was Honest.  It was, well…Painful for some.  To expose yourself, your failures, the consequences…

It was Totally and Utterly worth it just to see how the Presenters and Witnesses were able to Reach Individuals! 

Thank You God!  Glory be to You!

Everyone was your Mouthpiece, Holy Spirit. Thanks be to God!

I am so Proud of everyone that was there.  So Proud of all who attended.  Extremely Proud at those who took the time and opened themselves up to Present and to give Witness.  Bless You All!

I just wish with all my Heart and Soul that MY KIDS would have been there…  😦

As soon as I pick-up one of the Flyer’s, I didn’t get one  😕  I will share with you all the Resources that were offered.

Once again, Bless You All!  And may our Father in Heaven continue to guide you down the Path of Serving Others.


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  1. I am so happy for you that the evening was a success – God does work in wondrous ways and to see people stand up and give testimony is extremely moving! Thank you so much for writing this post!!!


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