Living in a Toxic World – Hidden Contaminants


We hear it all the time.  We Live in a Toxic World.  The Ozone Layer.  The Pollution and Smog.  Pesticides and Steroids in our Food.   The Houses that we live in.

Most of Us are so caught up in protecting ourselves from the Physical damage of the Hazards we face day to day that we forget about the other more real, lasting damage.  The devastation of our Souls.

Now more than ever, we are faced with the overwhelming  poisons of the world today,  the less obvious or the ones we care not to think about.  The Greed of Capitalism,  The Sewage of Pornography,  The Attack against Catholics and Christianity in the Middle East,  The Erosion of Marriage and the Home,  The LGBT Agenda.  The List goes on.

The other day while I was driving to Work,  I noticed an Advertisement on the back of the bus.

“Divorce the Fair Way.  The Clear Road to a New Life.” 

It’s even a Registered Trademark.  It was for a Firm that Specializes in Divorce.  Yet another Toxic Hazard to deal with.

The Company’s Website purports that while divorce is not easy.  They can help you make informed decisions.  That they will be there for you.  They are selling themselves as “Divorce Mediators”.  They claim that they “Empower” you with the correct information.  In Reality they take away your choices and leave you with very little to choose from.

There are many companies like this.  “$154 Divorce” is one I saw at the Stop Light the other day.

It’s no Wonder that we Believe the Myth that when Marriage becomes rocky that there is really only one thing to do.

Shouldn’t there be a Firm or Company that specializes in Saving Marriages ?  There should, but what Profit is there to be made ?  When was the last time that you saw an Ad to try and Save Marriages ?

Divorce is certainly a lucrative business but why ?


What it comes down to is Self-Sacrifice and Hard Work.  Nobody is willing to Work.  Nobody is willing to Suffer.  Nobody is Willing to Sacrifice.  I myself am guilty of not working on many an occassion.

Nobody is telling someone to stay in a Marriage where Abuse or some other detrimental behaviour exists.  After all,  that isn’t a marriage. 

Living in a Toxic World has taught us to be Lazy,  Ignorant and Apathetic.   It takes a lot of Strength and more importantly Support to be able to survive this Toxic Environment to Marriage.

Thankfully there are many resources out there.  Ironically the majority are Free and Low Cost when compared to Divorce.

One of these Resources is Retrouvaille.

Separation and Divorce are not the Only Option.  They are just another Toxic by-product of this Fallen World we Live in.  We don’t have to be Contaminated by it though. 

There is Hope.

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