Welcome Home

It's been a long week.  But My Wife is finally on her way home.  It will be an adjustment when she gets back but now she has the important task of imparting her knowledge and wisdom on the rest of us !  I'm sure she has a lot of News to Share and as many... Continue Reading →

…With Liberty and Justice for All.

  Justice is Done President Barack Obama's words as he addressed the Citizens of the United States after they proclaimed Osama Bin Laden was Dead sounded so meaningless when I heard the news. Justice for Whom ? I asked myself.  As Catholics we are taught to Love the Sinner not the Sin.  This is a very difficult... Continue Reading →

Blessed John Paul II

Pope John Paul II was beatified today in Rome in front of a Crowd of approximately 1.5 Million People.  A short Biography on his extraordinary life can be found Here. Full Story Here Tomorrow my Wife continues Her Pilgrimage and Mission to Rome with the Bloggers meeting. Please continue to Keep Her and all the Other Bloggers that are there... Continue Reading →

How Do I Feel Today ? – Negative Effects of Anger in Marriage

One of the biggest Gifts (and at times Curses,though it doesn't have to be) God has bestowed upon us is our Emotions.  We have the ability to take pride in our accomplishments and feel sorrow at the loss of Loved Ones.  We have the ability to feel Joyful at Wondrous occassions and Depressed when things just don't go our Way.... Continue Reading →

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