All Quiet on the Western Front

As many of you have read, this Blog (150 in total) was selected from a total of 750 that were submitted to the Vatican to attend a meeting for Authors of various Blogs Worldwide.

Unfortunately due to financial and other constraints, I was unable to accompany my Wife to Rome.

The Girls and myself are adjusting to Life without Mommy…It is only for a week. 

Day 1 and so far, All Quiet on the Western Front….Nothing to Report.

I remember my Wife and I being so excited when we would get 15 hits a day.  After only a Year, From The Pews now averages over 200 + Hits a day.  That number just keeps growing.

As Catholics, the majority of Us don’t evangelize very much if at all.  Whether it be the scandals, the Cafeteria Catholic (Easter and Christmas Catholics) or just the lukewarm attitude towards God, We don’t just don’t have the Zeal, the Fire we should.

Recently the Toronto Sun ran an Article (Click Here Read) titled “The God Squad” about 3 Catholic, Italian Priests.  

“The GodFathers” as the article called them.  It doesn’t get any more stereotypical than that.  If you read the story the Author obviously does not believe in God or in the least has many doubts about their own beliefs. 

Has it gotten so bad with all the scandals in the Church that we’ll even settle for this type of “publicity” ?

It’s such a shame that None of the Priests were wearing their collars in the photos (were they embarassed ?).  “The Godfathers” title pretty much speaks for itself.  Something is wrong when this type of “publicity” is printed without much protest. 

So as the Beatification of John Paul II and the Meeting of Bloggers approaches,  We can all hope and pray that We as a Church, can learn and move forward to Evangelize and portray our Faith in a truthful and positive light.

We can Pray that we don’t lose faith or become disillusioned like Paul Bäumer did in Erich Maria Remarque’s Novel “Im Westen nichts Neues” (All Quiet on the Western Front). 

Spreading God’s Word will be a Battle.  The path to the Truth is Narrow and Harrowing.  There are so many obstacles and dangers standing in the way.  It’s so easy to give up, walk away and give in to the temptation around us.

So I ask all of Our Readers to Pray for My Wife, the other Bloggers and the Church Officials attending the meeting. 

Pray that they come back with the Wisdom, Vision and Courage to Tell Everyone about Jesus’s Teachings.

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