St. Louis de Montfort

April 27th is the Feast Day of St. Louis de Montfort…or St. Louis Mary de Montfort…we learned so much about the Rosary from him and his book The Secret of the Rosary.  Chris would read it at night to us all, it was so moving…It allowed us to Visualize the True Power of the Rosary and the Beautiful Bouquet one offers our Blessed Mother as we Pray…

It is a DEFINITE MUST READ if you haven’t yet…you will be Amazed at the Blessings we receive when we Pray Our Rosary.

Louis’s life is inseparable from his efforts to promote genuine devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus and mother of the Church.Totus tuus(completely yours) was Louis’s personal motto; Karol Wojtyla chose it as his episcopal motto.

Born in the Breton village of Montfort, close to Rennes (France), as an adult Louis identified himself by the place of his Baptism instead of his family name, Grignion. After being educated by the Jesuits and the Sulpicians, he was ordained as a diocesan priest in 1700.

Soon he began preaching parish missions throughout western France. His years of ministering to the poor prompted him to travel and live very simply, sometimes getting him into trouble with Church authorities. In his preaching, which attracted thousands of people back to the faith, Father Louis recommended frequent, even daily, Holy Communion (not the custom then!) and imitation of the Virgin Mary’s ongoing acceptance of God’s will for her life.

Louis founded the Missionaries of the Company of Mary (for priests and brothers) and the Daughters of Wisdom, who cared especially for the sick. His book, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin,has become a classic explanation of Marian devotion.

Louis died in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, where a basilica has been erected in his honor. He was canonized in 1947.


Like Mary, Louis experienced challenges in his efforts to follow Jesus. Opposed at times in his preaching and in his other ministries, Louis knew with St. Paul, “Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who causes the growth” (1 Corinthians 3:7). Any attempt to succeed by worldly standards runs the risk of betraying the Good News of Jesus. Mary is “the first and most perfect disciple,” as the late Raymond Brown, S.S., described her.


“Mary is the fruitful Virgin, and in all the souls in which she comes to dwell she causes to flourish purity of heart and body, rightness of intention and abundance of good works. Do not imagine that Mary, the most fruitful of creatures who gave birth to a God, remains barren in a faithful soul. It will be she who makes the soul live incessantly for Jesus Christ, and will make Jesus live in the soul” (True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin).

~ American

“‘Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who causes the growth’ (1 Corinthians 3:7). Any attempt to succeed by worldly standards runs the risk of betraying the Good News of Jesus.”

I thought about just sharing this passage alone…

It is truly Speaking to me as I prepare for this Journey…

Why Me?  Why was I Chosen?  Why do I get to go? 

I NEED to Learn.  I Need to Understand what is Shared and Taught.  I am going to be there to LEARN so that I may SHARE this Knowledge…I KNOW that much! 

The people around me have left me dumbfounded.  Mute.  Truly Grateful and Eternally Humbled…

Thank you ALL for your Support!  Financial, Spiritual, Moral, and all other wises  🙂

I feel a Huge sense of Responsibility to you all.  To Our Lord.

Pray that I do NOT Disappoint…Please…

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  1. Nuestra Madre Santísima te acompañe siempre, y el Espíritu Santo te ílumine para que sigas adelante. Dios solamente sabe lo que te depara para el mañana.
    Bendito sea nuestro Padre que te ha guiado por buenos caminos esperemos seas un instrumento para llevar a muchos por el lado bueno.
    Demos gracias a Dios por esas personas que no lo piensan dos veces para apoyar, dar y alentar a los demás. Dios les pague el ciento por uno siempre y los bendiga infinitamente.


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