…With Liberty and Justice for All.


Justice is Done

President Barack Obama’s words as he addressed the Citizens of the United States after they proclaimed Osama Bin Laden was Dead sounded so meaningless when I heard the news.

Justice for Whom ? I asked myself.  As Catholics we are taught to Love the Sinner not the Sin.  This is a very difficult teaching which I myself have a tough if not impossible time with.  My gut reaction to the news was “Finally, They Got Him”.  Then the reality sank in.  I am not saying that everyone should Forgive Bin Laden.  Far From it.  I would not be able to.  What I am struggling with is how Obama can claim that Justice is Done ?

The American media ran footage of people waving American flags and holding banners with the line delivered by the President.  Whether it was Retaliation, Retribution, Revenge or Justice – one point was clear.  Bin Laden is Dead.

So Where is the Justice ?

Bin Laden will Not Stand Trial for his Crimes and take responsibility for the many he has killed.

He will not face the surviving family members of the September 11 Attacks and see the pain and devastation he has caused to so many innocent people.

He won’t have to look each person in the eye and explain why he murdered their loved ones without just cause.

He will not have to answer to the Worldwide Muslim community in regards to his hijacking of Islam and the Islamophobia that has followed the World Trade Centre Attacks.  I firmly believe this would have helped to greatly in repairing the Image of Islam, especially in the Western Hemisphere.  His Followers might have had to take a second look at their Beliefs.

Instead Christians and Muslims remain divided.  In the Middle East where Christians are already persecuted,  it will only get worse.  The Government of Pakistan issued alerts to Christians to be wary of reprisals.

One Obama Aide was quoted as saying the president made one of the  “…gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory”.  The president was even quoted as saying “We Got ‘Em”.

On Monday, Obama said,  “I think we can all agree this is a good day for America. Our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done. The world is safer; it is a better place because of the death of Osama bin Laden.”

Really ?….Safer ?….  What you have is a bullet riddled corpse. 
Osama got off Scot Free….He’s Now a Martyr to His Followers….who rather than seeing their corruption of Islam for what it truly is, now believe in it even more strongly than before.
The world isn’t any safer today then when Bin Laden was alive.
For Every Osama Bin Laden, there are 10 Others ready and willing to take his place and Die in the name of their twisted view of Islam.
These Militant Muslims Must Stand Trial for their Crimes.  Their Beliefs must be exposed and explained to all Citizens of the World – Regardless of Religion.  They must be made to take responsibility for their actions  They must answer to their Fellow Peace Loving Muslims as to the desecration of Islam.  Only then can any Justice be Done.
If they don’t the World will Remain as Dangerous as Ever.


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