You Matter…I Matter

God’s being all-powerful is simply a definition of God—limitless. But God’s power is never mere force. It is the relentless but gentle pursuit of the human heart, never intruding, but always calling.

~ Believing in Jesus

Leaves you in awe, doesn’t it?

How is it possible that a Being, an Infinite, All-Powerful, All-Loving, All-Knowing Being pursue US?  Want US? 


What makes us so special? 

Are we not flawed to the Umpteenth Degree?

We are, and I quote Father Mario, Sinful, Stinkin’ Fallen Creatures…and I should add-on Ungrateful as well.

So how? Why? 

And yet, it gives one such Solace.  Such comfort.  Such Warmth.  Such Pride! 

I mean seriously, how could you not be filled with Pride knowing that WE are Created in God’s Image.  That God’s Searches for and Loves Us. As insignificant as we are…He Loves Us.  We Matter to Him.  If to no one else…If no one else can Value Us, Appreciate Us, See our Worth and Potential, He Can and Does!

Thank You, Lord…

Thank You…

Thank you for reminding me that I AM worth Something…

That I have Value Simply because You Love Me…

I am A Precious Child of God…

And so are YOU!


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