Super Quick Post from Roma…

Yes, I am here and checking in with you!

Well, I can’t say that it has been boring.

My luggage arrived today!  Though I arrived 3 days ago, including today! 

Thank God that Camille packed extra clothes!  I washed my Jeans Friday Night when we arrived, but they did not dry by Saturday Morning…

Thank You, CAMILLE!!!

As for the Beatification…I will be quite Honest with you…I was not crazy about it.

It was poorly organized, Many Injuries to people, and St. Peter’s Square was left FILTHY! 

I am truly shocked at how people can be such…well, PIGS!!

And I am not referring to the tourists, though they are to blame as well…

Upon arriving to the Eternal City, we land and the airport floor had old gum stuck to it, it looked dirty.  FCO, by the way.

Then as we made our way to the Baggage Claim, I see an Italian National chatting away with his friend and suddenly, he tosses his GARBAGE into the Middle area of the Baggage Carousels. 

Without so much as a care in the world, as if he was doing Nothing wrong, he just tossed it!

And I am quite sad to report that many of the Italian Nationals seem to not have too much pride in keeping their areas clean…such a Shame…

Then during and after the Beatification de Su Santidad Juan Pablo II, the garbage ALL OVER THE FLOOR WAS DESPICABLE!  And as I stated, though some tourists were to blame, they, the Tourists, were more likely to look for a Garbage Can than the Citizens! 

I will update you with the details later…

Blogger’s Meet tomorrow…

Please keep me in your Prayers!

3 thoughts on “Super Quick Post from Roma…

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  1. It is sad that most people won’t take the time to appreciate their surroundings and make that effort to keep ANY place clean. That happens anywhere! Thanks for the updates, I, for one, am happy that you got to experience this first hand. Sorry to hear about your luggage!


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your luggage, and about all the trash you been seen. My experience was very different then yours. Rome and few other cities, were really nice and everthing was clean, of course like every where else you can see a paper here or there but like I say ” CLEAN. ” Remember that there was more then a MILLION people up there. Enjoy and try not to see the ” bad ” things that we all have. A lot of people wish to be there no matter what, including me, and YOU ARE !!!
    Keep praying for you !!!


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