Petrine v. Pauline

I always thought myself to be more Pauline…

But after Rome and all they trying to Discern (thank you, Vlad)…and Camille helping me out along the Discernment Path…

I guess I am much more Petrine than I ever thought…

Thanks to the Amazing Homilies that Father Mario provides us with day after day (except Thursday’s), week after week…I am learning SO Much!¬† My Faith is Increasing at an Alarming Rate ūüėȬ†¬† I know not what to do!¬† I can tell you what I find VERY Difficult to do…Be A TRUE Catholic Christian!

Our Calling is a Difficult, yet, Powerful one!

The more you learn, the more you realize how flawed you are…The Harder you want to work to earn, to merit, to Deserve what is given us…

San Pedro, Help Me.¬† Help me to help Others and Myself to not commit, to not Repeat so many of the same mistakes you and we constantly make…

With just 2 Letters in our Bible, you say so much and demand so much…Help Us!¬† Intercede por Nosotros!

The above image is borrowed from Vexilla Regis. His article that I linked to speaks to us about Simon Bar-Jonah, Cephas, Petrus, Peter all meaning Rock. The Rock upon which our Lord built His Beloved Bride, our Mother Church.

He mentions Francis Thompson’s Poem “The Hound of Heaven” and how it speaks of God’s Love for Us, no matter, better said, in spite of our Fallen, Unworthiness…

[…]the poet Francis Thompson ( 1859-1907),¬† because of the misguided medical practice of his day, became addicted to the tincture of Opium, called Laudanum¬†, then very widely used for the relief of pain. Thompson was a devout man , and haunted by his addiction, which after repeated relapses killed him. He was always conscious of God’s love and of God’s¬†pursuit of him no matter how seriously he fell. He wrote the marvellous, harrowing poem “The Hound of Heaven” to describe the unremitting character of God’s love for him, even when – ¬†in the grip of his addiction –¬†he was rejecting it. He wrote of the Hound of Heaven pursuing him “down the labyrinthine ways”. He was aware that this loving pursuit was part of a process , and cried out in anguish “Must Thou char the wood, ere’st¬†Thou can limn with it?”

Oh, Cephas…Ayudame a tener¬†tu Pasion, tu Coraz√≥n, tu Fervor…But above all, help me to Learn from my Mistakes…

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