A New Way to Respond to the Same Old, Same Old

Yesterday was such a HORRID Day!  During the Day. That’s why I blogged about Understanding others.  It’s very difficult to remember to be Merciful, Understanding and Patient when you feel you are being devalued, undermined, and treated as a Cero a la Izquierda!

I guess many of us go through this.  For me it was at work yesterday, but it also happens during meetings, gatherings, and any situation that involves someone other than yourself!  Again, not just for me, but for many of us.  And how difficult it is to remember to be Christ-like!

I was very Blessed to have my Other Half take me out to lunch in order to grab a breather.  But, how I got yesterday really and truly bothered me.  I was more than a tad irritated.  I was Furious!  I didn’t like it.

I’ve behaved this upset a couple of other times.  I am very, very ashamed of this and though I have apologized for it, I still feel there’s no excuse.

How does one control oneself?  This is a constant struggle for many of us.  It’s not like you can do away with negative emotions and feelings.

I mean, even if we could, we shouldn’t!  They are a part of us.  They assist in making decisions.  They can protect us, guide us, and in extreme cases, Define us.

What am I getting at?  I don’t know!  😉

I guess I am just amazed at how many emotions one can feel and how much these emotions can control, take over and over-influence our decisions, reactions and behaviours.

Yesterday was also one of Daughters’ Birthday!  Her 4th!

I Loved having family and friends over!  It helped to lift my Spirits beyond belief!

As much as Others can get under our skin, as much as we may have a reaction to their behaviours, words, or actions in a Negative way, they also do this in a Positive Way!  And Thank God for That!!!

Others can bring us such Joy, Happiness, Calm, Peace and above all, LOVE ♥

I want to share what my Coma-Sis shared with me yesterday, when I really and truly needed it…

Hello Coma-Sis!!

I hope you are doing well today.

It’s 8:29am Pacific time and “YOU ARE LOVED”.  ;0)

Would you please give me a call when you are with Izel so I may wish her a Happy Birthday.

Give her a really big hug and kiss for me and tell her that her Nina loves her very much!!!!

Have yourself a great day.

I love and miss you lots!!!

These words of hers brought me to tears! Tears of Joy!  I needed these words from her, especially the 3rd line.

When I asked her about it, this is what she shared, well, after I called her a Dorka…

Wait a minute, why is it that I am a dork just cause you are a CHILLONA?!?!?!?!

Well I hate to break it to you but you are your mother’s daughter, it tends to come from there.

Take a deep breath and remember that things could be worse..

That’s cause you are loved.   On Tuesday I went with mom to St John Eudes to hear Father John Amsberry speak and boy is he inspirational. He talks about God unconditional love.   He’s that one that says Q: How are you?   A: Blessed by the Best!!!   =o)   And when some asks him “What time is it?  He answers it’s 9:02am and “YOU ARE LOVED!!!”

I send you lots and lots of POSITIVE energy your wqy…   =0)

Thank you very much and I will speak to you all soon.

Have a fabulous day!!!

YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE MY SIS ♥  My Coma-Sis.  She is my 4-year-old’s God Daughter. The Birthday Girl.

After my Coma-Sis, it just got better and better.  My Other Half…My Family and Friends came to share a small meal with us to celebrate.  My other Sisters called too!  Unfortunately I only got to quickly speak to one as I didn’t hear my phone ring 😕  My Bad!
I also got to speak to my Mommy ♥  And to ALL 3 of My Babies ♥
Overall, it was a Good Night.

My Compadre, my Baby Brother, my 4-yr old’s God Father did not call…but I’ll guess he was busy…and that it wasn’t owed to anything else…  ♥

I am Very Blessed!  Blessed by the Best!!  And I Am Loved!!

That’s what I have to focus on.  That’s what we ALL have to focus on!  Besides…look at that, we have a new way to answer when someone asks how we’re doing and when they ask us for the time!

Now I just have to Train myself into these responses and Believe them…but THAT is another story altogether…


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  1. I’ve had my share of outbursts too, sometimes they are nothing more than hormones blowing things out of proportion. Other times they are serious indicators that something is amiss and needs attention. NFP helped me figure out the difference, no laugh. Now if I could just find something to guide me through when there really is a problem to be dealt with!


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