Link-Clicking Landed Me A Great Recommendation

Now you see…this is why I hate going on a link-clicking frenzy!!

I just shared with you an article by Jamilah King from Colorlines.

Well, I had never come across Colorlines, nor had I heard of them.  Soooo…

I went back and clicked on an article…the Top News Article…the First Big Gigantic Font, Big Pic Article with the word BLUE in it (My Favourite Colour)…so I clicked on it.

I will be honest. I hesitated.  I saw Jay-Z and Beyonce on it…and while I am a Huge Fan of Both, I am not one to follow Pop Star News…it’s not my thing. 

I am aware that they just had a baby.  You would have to live under a rock to not know that!!  But other than this, I care not for the Insidiousness of the Media.

But, alas, I fell victim to advertising!!! 

I read the articleOn Baby Blue Ivy Carter and the Alleged Ugliness of Blackness.”

With at title like this, I expected rants and raves…

I was very pleasantly surprised!

This is a Very Good, Honest, Enlightening, Wise, Pride-Filling and Empowering Article!

Go and be open to a very good recommendation by Akiba Solomon.

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