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A practicing Catholic explains why he skipped a mass that would likely include a bishops letter about contraception and a defense of the Catholic Church’s political battle over free birth control, and what his family did instead. …   A “Practicing” Catholic… One that is jumping through hoops in order that their child get a “Cookie.” One that forgoes Mass…but Practicing. One that seems to believe that they know more than our Shepherds… Practicing.   My intention is not to sound harsh.  My intention is to simply point out how Practicing this Catholic is.   “To be fair, the Church has been consistently opposed to contraception for years…”
This sentence in particular cracks me up!   For years! Like 10, 20??    Anonymous, though, does raise an interesting point, why are some refused Holy Communion while others are not. My overly simplistic response is this…   It depends on the Priest. Not all Priests are stern enough to deny Communion to others. Some Priests are overly-understanding. You know, it’s kind of like the Rest of the World!  We are All Different.  Go Figure! We may have the same Teacher in School but due to our Personalities, perhaps you will stand up and repeat what the Teacher said, the way you understood, but others may have perceived it a bit different.  I know, it is a far-fetched idea, but sometimes, people can be different.   Oh, and I find it hilarious that someone would try to find Contraception in the Bible or Birth Control! You see, that whole tendency that we have of giving in to lust may have been around since the Fall of Man.  But that “Liberation of Women” that allows us to be used as Objects without the “Burden of Life,” well, that’s much newer.   Perhaps, Anonymous, you should take the time to Read the CCC and Blessed JPII’s Letter to Families, and then if you are really up for a challenge, how about Learning about Theology of the Body??   Oh and CCC stands for Cathechism of the Catholic Church.  It is a Book on Which Our Faith, you know, that one you “Practice” was founded.   I sincerely Pray that you will have the Courage to Search for Truth and not just allow yourself to be informed and/or persuaded by the World.   Remember, We are NOT of This World, why be formed by it. 

God Bless You in †JMJ†    
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