Woman Drowning in her SUV is Saved and No One Can Explain How – Watch the Miracle

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

No one at this scene can explain how this woman was able to be rescued. It defies everything we know, and it can only be seen as a miracle of God. Watch how it happens and let us know what you think.


This brought tears to my eyes…


Oh How He Loves Us ♥


And yet, we know not what to call this???

Via www.godvine.com

2 thoughts on “Woman Drowning in her SUV is Saved and No One Can Explain How – Watch the Miracle

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  1. OK, wait a minute….the car is going down at an angle, front first. The front window is lower than the back where the men are trying to save her. The doctor says he saw her face as he was banging with the stick. That means she was in the back, not the front. If she had been in the front (which is lower) he couldn’t have seen her. The next guy said he reached in and felt her window was open. Again, that can’t be. He’s on the top of the car (which is the rear), so unless he has REALLY long arms, he couldn’t have felt past the rear of the car, past the back seat and then to her front window. Clearly, someone opened the rear hatch and she got out.

    Did anyone just ask her?

    I hate when people attribute this stuff to God. Clearly God allowed her to be swept away and wanted her to be killed. How dare these rescuers interrupt his plan!


    1. LOL!!

      Twisted sense of humour. But I Like it!

      Okay so this is how I humbly see it.

      If my car starts sinking, umm, I am going to take off my seatbelt Immediately and try to haul myself outta there. Now she coud not swim, so she is probably looking at these men freaking out yelling “Ayudenme!” So, that explains being out of the front seat, right?

      As for the Doc, isn’t he one of the ones that dives down? Check the vid. You will see that they do go under the water to try and get her out. So no long arm needed, right?

      And the rear hatch is closed.

      But as Marc so eloquently puts it in his article, “If God Was Real, He’d Prove Himself to Atheists,” what will suffice? What will do it?
      BTW Link is above 😕

      Thank you for stopping by and Especially for commenting 🙂 Oh and for the humour! It is much appreciated 😉


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