Caution: Not a Joyous Post

This is probably what the Punks looked like! Except probably younger and I want to believe not as experienced-looking or dark or creepy! I want to believe that they were as I said, Kids with Nothing Better to Do!

So I get up this morning to head to work and my Car Door is OPEN!

My first reaction is WTF?!?!

I look inside and the entire car is in disarray.

My Toll Container – literally an empty hand cream container with change for tolls – is open and on the seat. There was a US Dollar Bill in there, now there were only dimes, nickels and pennies.

The Drink Tray was pulled out and the middle section that holds change had some nickels and 6 quarters. But the toonies and loonies were gone.

All of the Chargers and GPS Cables were strewn about the floor, the seats…

They literally seemed to just be taking stuff out of the glove compartment and the compartments and tossing them aside.

Upon my quick inspection, it seems they just took the cash And my CD’s!!!

As my Other Half said, “I guess Luis Miguel CD’s are more lucrative!”

LOL!! I have to laugh because it is utterly ridiculous!

What really upset me though was the Police response.

Complete an On-Line Form and there will be a response within 72 hours!!


Dude! I so would understand if the YRP was like swamped! But, Dude! They are SLEEPING in their Patrol Cars half the time!

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that crime in York Region is so low that the Police can nap in their vehicles, but Come On Now! If a crime has been committed, can you not wake up and check it out?!?

I remember last Winter, no, a couple of Winters ago, my Other Half and I were at the Police Station filling out a report because his Psycho-Stalker emailed him again (Have I told you about that?  I don’t think directly, I don’t remember. Either way that is a story for later).  Well, the desk received a call that a tree had fallen on Teston and they needed them to go. Mind you, they were not going to pick-up the tree or anything of the sort, they were going to direct traffic in order to allow those that were going to do the work to do so safely.  Their response…

“What time is it? Oh you know, we’re going to have lunch first.”

Note: The Officers had been there the entire time (20 min) lollygagging.


And then…this is my biggest beef against YRP!!!

When they pull over a vehicle, they do so at the Busy Intersection/Street!!!  Four Lanes total.  Sometimes TWO!  And they just block one during PEAK TRAFFIC causing a HUGE Back-Up!


LAPD will put their lights on and are INTELLIGENT Enough to turn on the radio and ask you to pull into a Parking Lot, side street or shoulder (if applicable).

Not YRP, oh no!  They just stop the car right there!



I am so NOT Impressed with YRP!!!  Not right now!

Overall, I Respect and Admire that they put their lives on the line…but right now, I am quite upset!  And I feel rightfully so!

Oh, for the record, when I got robbed in San Berdu (San Bernardino, crime city in CA), the cops were there PRESENT, Flesh and Blood within 20 Minutes!!!
And THEY had WORK!!

So don’t give me any “Oh they were busy” Crap!!  I saw a Patrol Officer yesterday morning sitting in his car watching the Bell Guy fiddling with some cables!

You know…it so does NOT Feel good to have your space invaded.

It is not even about the stuff, although in San Berdu they stole many things that meant a lot to me, my Pumpkin Princess’ Baptismal Necklace, her first ring, her first pair of earrings, a diamond ring that my Mom and Dad got me for my Birthday, my Programmer Graduation Ring, my Promise Ring, and much more jewelry that had been gifted to me by my Madrina Hilda and my Kids from the Center.


Damn Kids!!!

You know that these were punk-arse kids with nothing better to do (Though there are many more constructive things for them to be doing, like SLEEPING!).

So, yeah…I have vented!

Thank you Cathartic Blog 😉


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