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I have no problem poking fun at myself.

I can even laugh at movies that put into question our Faith.

I will confess, I watched “Dogma” when it came out, against my Mami’s wishes!

And I will further confess, I laughed and Liked it!!

I could not understand all those people being offended by it.  I thought it was funny.

Now I am not foolish, I can see why the feathers were ruffled, but I chose to see the good in the film.

If you haven’t seen it, basically, two Angels, Bartleby, Ben Affleck, and Loki, Matt Damon, are banished to earth for a transgression. And are discover, guided by a demon that wants humanity to be destroyed, that during a celebration, a Priest has stated that those that go through an Arch, I think it was, will receive a plenary indulgence. This will allow them to get back to Heaven, destroying humanity in the process.

Many events ensue, it is a comedy after all.

But think about it…

Bartleby is angry and embittered that  we, Humanity, are well, basically screw-ups and yet, God shows us Infinite Mercy, while he is banished from Heaven for one transgression. So, he feels that we should be destroyed. GREAT POINT, right?

And throughout the film you see the Unity of Humankind during trials.

At the end, you realize that everything that we may see as punishment, or God not being there has a purpose or reason.

Good can come out of bad.

AND God is in every person.  Even in homeless men and women!  Thus, we should always see God in every person we meet.  Love One Another as He Loves Us.

Point being, that there are some things, many things that you can not only find the good in, but laugh at!

I try to not take offense to what people say to me or about my Faith, because they are mostly ignorant of the Truth.

At least, this is how I see it.

But this…this is different…

These are CONSECRATED ITEMS! They held the Body and the Blood of Christ!!

This I cannot condone!

I beg of you, even if you do not believe the Truths that I hold, respect should run across the board?  Que no?

I may not agree with what you believe, but if you hold something in High Regard, you would think it in the very least a lack of respect for you and your beliefs, if not PROFANE!

Which is how I feel. And others as well.

For the sake of Peace and Respect, we must, must be against this.

You can click on The Crescat’s link below or here to take you to her page and from there you too can voice your repugnance to Ale Mary’s Bar.

Or you can go directly to 500,000 Against “Ale Mary’s” Bar page here.


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  1. You state here that they are consecrated objects, do you have proof of that? The church cannot “sell” an object that is still consecrated any more than it sells objects that have been blessed. They have to go through a process to undo what was done, and even if they are purchased by another church they must be reconsecrated.

    My family had the opportunity to be present at the ceremony when a church was, in secular terms, decommissioned. Would you consider your confession heard if the priest had renounced his vows? There are specific purification rituals and to believe that an object once consecrated must always remain so is giving more power to one ritual than the other.

    I too have carried the blood of Christ in me, yet I too take in ale. I have consecrated my body, and to my knowledge its still consecrated. What makes me different from an unconsecrated vessel that once carried the blood of Christ? I’m still consecrated, yet you likely have no trouble with me taking in ale.

    Now yes, if they were stolen or not properly sold (and hence not properly purified), that would be different.

    Do I think the owners are being disrespectful of the past function they performed? That is a different ball of wax entirely. I know nothing of their spirituality. Jesus took part in joyous feasts, drank wine, and wanted to be part of all aspects of our life. How am I to know the owners were not hoping people would view the monstrance as a reminder that Jesus is present everywhere? There is too many gaps and too much jumping here, I want solid journalism, you can do better. Don’t leave room for doubt.


    1. …you raised my curiousity. I’ve read a bit more on this. According to fisheaters, the act of selling constitutes enough descecration to undo any consecration, so too EWTN states “Finally, it is important to remember that a sold sacred object loses any blessing or consecration it may have had.” . It is not normally the practice of the Catholic church to sell items, it normally puts them into storage or moves them to where it is needed but it will from time to time sell them to defray costs. They are to be sold with care that they will be used appropriately, but obviously once sold they are out of our hands.

      That indeed had me wondering where they got the items, one lead stated that they were gifts from patrons. As the Anglican church also uses monstrances, and golden chalices, I have to wonder if they even came from a Catholic Church!


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