A Difficult, but All Too Real Topic

Taking your life…

Just the words send a chill up one’s spine. And Yet…

As shocking as this may seem to some, I have had many thoughts of doing just this throughout my life.

I have a few attempts.

I obviously never succeeded 😛

I used to think I was a coward for not doing it.  It is not until speaking with a few Professionals – read as Doctors – that I was offered the perspective that it actually takes more courage to endure the feelings that lead you to suicidal thoughts than it is to actually do it. To take your own life.

No matter what your opinion, we cannot deny that Suicide is a very serious problem in our society.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), someone around the globe commits suicide every 40 seconds. In the year 2000, 815,000 people lost their lives to suicide — more than double the number of people who die as a direct result of armed conflict every year (306,600). For people between the ages of 15 and 44, suicide is the fourth leading cause of death and the sixth leading cause of disability and infirmity worldwide.

~ Canadian Mental Health Association

Let me repeat the stats:

1 person commits suicide, in the world, every 40 seconds!!!  It is the”[…] fourth leading cause of death and sixth leading cause of disability and infirmity worldwide [!!]”

Here you can find the stats worldwide.

More important than statistics, here you will find a very good Pamphlet on Suicide by the Consortium for Organizational Mental Healthcare.

It has some Great and Important Pertinent and Useful Information.  Anywhere from How to Understand Suicidal Thoughts, How to Decrease these, and How to Decrease having them in the Future.

Please know that thoughts of suicide are probably much more rampant than we care to admit.

All one need feel is despair, angst, depression, alone, tired, hopeless, overwhelmed, etc. to start entertaining thoughts of this sort.

It is due to the 3 suicides that I have learned about just this week that I feel prompted to write this.

I know firsthand that sometimes things seem impossible.  That it will Never End!  That your only way out is…well This!

Take heart, Nothing, NOTHING lasts forever.

As corny and cliché as this is, it is True!

This too shall pass…

Please check out the COMH site and look at THIS document.  It is worth the time.

And what helped me, was a sympathetic ear.  Knowing that I was not alone and that someone, somewhere cared.

However, Guilt of how those left behind would deal with things – because though I kept saying that they were better off without me – maybe, just maybe someone you know will truly miss you and this will devastate them.

I apologize if I am all over the place, but I have been writing this for a week and never know how to begin again or end.

Please, listen and be there.

God Love You ♥


7 thoughts on “A Difficult, but All Too Real Topic

Add yours

  1. Know that feeling too well. Sometimes you really feel everyone will be better off without you.
    Lovely post and well written hon. 🙂
    *big hugs*


    1. 😕 Thank You!

      I know I ramble. Tis a gift 😉

      But this topic is just weighing so heavily…I had to rant somehow…

      God Love You and as always Gracias for your kindness ♥


      1. You ramble? LOL! Then you do not want to hear me talk when I am nervous..hehehe
        Yes, this is a difficult and sensitive topic. Suicide is a difficult thing to talk about as some really do have that tendency and some use it as an excuse to get attention. Whichever way, it can not be ignored. No one truly knows another person from the inside out. We see what we see and think that is what the person is all about. Humans are funny. I still don’t understand them and sometimes not even myself. LOL! But we go on, we stay strong and well, listening to each other and accepting each other as individuals might just do it. Take care my sweet friend. 🙂
        *big hugs*


  2. I have tears in my eyes as I write because I get it. I understand the level of despair one sinks to when contemplating suicide. I have been there myself. Thoughts of my son stopped me – I just can’t leave him. Financial pressures of the past 5 years have worn me down and the stress caused is difficult to cope with. In a really bleak moment I thought about suicide. I have told no one about it. Sadly, I have lost three much loved people to suicide and have helped several friends get over their attempts. It is just heartbreaking stuff.

    Yoiu have hit on the crucial point when attempting to deal with anyone whose depression/life is threatening to overwhelm them. “Listen and be there.’
    Bless you for this xxx


    1. Oh Selma…My Heart goes out to you ♥

      I know EXACTLY what you mean…What kept me going was My Babies too…

      The only thing that we can truly, without fail ever is that nothing lasts forever…

      I know it is not a lot, but it is something…

      “This too shall pass…”

      All we can do is Hope and yes, Pray…and Listen to the silent cries for help ♥

      God Love You, Selma…thank you so much for sharing and stay strong ♥♥


  3. You know we always think ‘why would he/she want to kill themselves?’ until we reach that dark place in our lives when it hurts to breathe…where it hurts to be alive…l have been there..l should know..love the post.


    1. Honestly, I think more of us than we care to admit have been there…

      It is a taboo subject, but perhaps if it is addressed more, then something MORE can be done ♥

      I admire your courage ♥

      God Love You ♥♥


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