The Watering Down of Jesus Christ

In the words of St. Augustine “If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself”

As the above quote explains, if you read the bible picking and choosing what and what not to follow, then you are not following God, Moses, Jesus or any of the Apostles.

Father Mario the pastor of my Church St. Joseph the Worker, has talked about the “watering down” of Jesus Christ for a couple of weeks now and Father Mario along with myself believe this to be a very serious problem within the Catholic Church. Jesus has begun to be portrayed in a very secular way through out the world within the last couple of years as Jesus the nice guy, good guy. However, in words of Father Mario “Jesus was not a nice guy” Jesus openly spoke out against the pharisees, he over turned tables, stayed with the criminals embraced them as his own, and most importantly died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus is much more then just as a nice guy. He is the son of God, the Lamb of God,  the light, our saviour. I believe this picking and choosing of the Bibles teachings stands as one of the main factors behind this watering down of Jesus Christ and I believe scratch that, I know that it is our responsibility as faithful Catholics to act on this pressing issue. So the next time you hear “Oh I like John and proverbs I guess but rest I don’t really care for” or “Jesus was such a nice guy!” you’ll know exactly what to tell them! 🙂



Thank you so much for reading! More posts coming soon! 🙂  God Bless!

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  1. For him to be noticed as he was, you are right: he could not have been the ultimate Mr Nice Guy. Instead he worked at upsetting the status quo as it was. In today’s world he would have been on the front page of newspapers for his rebellious actions against those ruling the government. Instead he was a mover and shaker who got people to think about their beliefs and to stand up for God.


    1. What I meant to say state was that Jesus was not just some nice guy, but much more then that 🙂 sorry if it seemed unclear in my writing still fairly new with blogging


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