I have been fortunate enough to Travel Vicariously via Madhu’s Blog…
But THIS Post…Eerily, Painfully, Hauntingly Beautiful..
I HAD to share with you all…

God Love You ♥

The Urge To Wander

If you have read my ‘about’ page, you will be familiar with the excerpt “The Importance of Elsewhere” by Paul Theroux. That about describes how I felt growing up in the small port town of Mangalore. It felt…small and restrictive. I rued the lack of opportunity. My ruling obsession was to get out, to experience a ‘better’ more sophisticated world ‘out there’. I assumed home would always be waiting if I ever decided to return.

When I did leave, I spared little thought for this childhood home of mine. Built on the banks of the river Nethravathi by my grandfather when he started his (roof) tile manufacturing business, this wasn’t the typical ancestral house of our villages. This had not much architectural merit. Starting out with one little room and extended haphazardly over the years as he climbed the ladder of success and when he decided to move his wife and only…

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