Lenten Resolutions and a Slight Spin on Mine

I just finished reading Father Jason Smith’s article titled, “How My Dad Taught Me a Lenten Resolution I’d Never Forget.

Not only is a great motivator to begin a Lenten Resolution if you have not yet done so…but it totally took me back to being in Teuchitlán with my Mamá Lola years ago.

I recall one Lent when a lot of us gave up bread.

Now, this may not seem like a HUGE Sacrifice, but when you have the Pan Dulce (Mexican Sweet Bread) brought to your Door each and every day, FRESH from the Bakery the smell, so enticing, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a plethora of scents wafting to your nostrils…warming your insides along with the swirl of steam emitting from those warm, mouth-watering, soft, come-get-me treats.

So yes, we gave up bread. But here came Ash Wednesday and then those Fridays…My Mamá Lola, every Friday in Lent and on Ash Wednesday makes Capirotada (a type of Bread Pudding), and this is the ONLY time she makes it.

Now imagine the dilemma of having given up bread only to be faced with a cazuela full of Soft, Warm, Cinnamonny, Milky, Savory-Sweet Capirotada!!


So, we had no choice but to create a clause for our Lenten Resolution…

“I will give up bread EXCEPT for Capirotada on Ash Wednesday and Fridays of Lent.”  😉

My Mamá Lola would tell us that it made our sacrifice moot.  But we kept at it anyway…

Now, after having read this article by Father Jason…maybe we weren’t so off the path  😉

Make sure you click on the link above, or HERE to read this article.  It is well worth the short, quick read 😉

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