Thank You!

I am Very Blessed!

Yesterday my Beloved Husband and a Dear Friend threw a Surprise Baby Shower for me 😀

It meant the world to me!

The simple fact that friends took time out of their busy lives to celebrate this new gift of life…

That my family, though thousands of miles away, sat in front of their Computer Screens to be online at the designated “Surprise” time…

And even My Precious Babies called!!!

I am most grateful to you all ♥

Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

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  1. So thrilled and happy for you, lucky girl! What a blessing, congratulations and know that you are in my prayers for your miracle moment in June. (I had to back search the blog….I missed this!)


    1. lol!

      No worries! And Thank you VERY MUCH for your Prayers! They are always welcome and needed ♥

      Greetings to you and your Beautiful Family ♥♥

      God Bless You All Always ♥


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