Gosnell receives three life sentences in abortion case

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Philadelphia prosecutors said Wednesday that abortion provider Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell would receive a third life sentence for the murder of a baby and other crimes he was not previously sentenced for.

FromThePews‘s insight:


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2 thoughts on “Gosnell receives three life sentences in abortion case

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  1. But was he found guilty of doing 24+ week (illegal in PA) abortions? If not, then Planned Parenthood will call this a win for their profit line, and will continue to turn a blind eye to other Houses of Horrors, and Obama will spin Gosnell as a “Witch Hunt.”


    1. Sadly, the article doesn’t go into much detail…

      What I am picking up, however, is that PP is ALREADY stating that this case PROVES the need for Safe Abortions!!
      How quickly they forget that they KNEW about this House of Horrors and did NOTHING!!!


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