A Spoiled Chamber

Funny how the world goes on.  It continues to pulse.  It continues to be at war.  Poverty and Illness rage on, ravaging our Brothers and Sisters.  Yet, here at home…

One cannot help but say, Thank You, Lord.  We truly are spoiled rotten!

Yes, we have our concerns, our worries, our needs, but they are nothing in comparison to others’.

I recall one of my University Profs, it may have been Dr. Richards…She explained that suffering was like a gas chamber.

They can come in different sizes, according to our suffering.

Her suffering comes in the form of a broken nail, thus, perhaps a not-so-big chamber.  His suffering comes in the form of not being able to provide for his family, a bigger chamber perhaps.  Theirs, their suffering comes in the form of losing their home, family members, and quite possibly their lives all because of a Faith they choose to profess, their chamber is substantially larger.

Regardless of the size of the chamber, it will be filled.  Densely.  

Suffering is quite real.  But, it is not pointless.

If you have a chance, stop by here. She put the March in which we participated on August 10th in much better words. 

Enjoy and God Bless †

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