A description of God simplified

Had to share this!
It is done, as the title states, in a manner that is quite simple to understand!


The Bible is clear that God is (1) entity. Three distinct personalities – The Father, Jesus; the Holy Spirit.  To bring more clarity on God let me give you a few illustrations about singular words that have plural meanings.

  • The body of Christ is (1) body yet has many members. 1 Corinthians 12
  • A husband and wife are joined together in matrimony to become (1) flesh yet there are (2) people involved. Ephesians 5:31
  • An ice cube, steam, and water are all (1) substance  in (3) different forms – H2O.
  • God said, “Let us make man in our own image” Genesis 1:26

This great truth brings light to the subject of God in three distinct persons. The Bible is a beautiful textbook that teaches man to understand God, Christ, and the marvelous presence of the Holy Spirit who Jesus himself addressed as, “He”.

John 16: 13-14…Howbeit when :”he”, the Spirit of truth, is come, “he” will…

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