Homeschooling Adventure

For that one faithfully loyal reader who I hope is still interested…Here is an update.

Because you know, since life is so easy, too easy, and I have nothing else going on 😉 I decided, WE, my Beloved Husband and I, decided to Homeschool our little minions. homeschooling

I follow many Homeschool Mommies but never thought I’d be among them!

Truth be told, I was a bit envious, I saw the advantages, but economically, we just couldn’t. Well, we aren’t better off financially, but now there exists a great necessity.

Though I haven’t kept you all posted, the New Sex-Ed Curriculum will be implemented in our schools in January of 2016. The ICE (Institute for Catholic Education in Ontario) will be developing resources to assist teachers with the implementation of the revised HPE (Health and Phys Ed) Curriculum. For updates you can go to the ICE Website at

As reassuring as all that is…ahem…we still aren’t convinced. We just don’t see how one can reconcile many of these teachings with our Catholic Faith, therefore, Homeschool it is!

You may be curious as to how we made the jump…or maybe not, either way I’m telling you! 😉

We discussed what was the most important thing that mattered to us as parents. What was our goal, what did we want for our children?

We wanted our kids to be successful individuals who were distinguished by their joy and integrity. We wanted our children to be Blessed with a strong and convicted Faith, something that both of us lacked.  We wanted them to be able to be in this world, but not be OF this world, that they always kept their eyes on not Earthly rewards, but on Eternal Rewards…Salvation, to Rejoice in the Presence of our Lord.

We read many articles, one that stood out spoke on how a great percentage of successful individuals had a strong Faith foundation. This leads me to define success for us…

Success.- Loving what you do! That simple. home-school

How can one not be at least a bit envious of that individual that can’t wait to get up every day and head off to live their vocation? They are doing what God created them to do and they Love it! They look forward to it each and every day AND it pays the bills!! How awesome is that?!

We try to instill in our kids that they should pursue a career in what makes them happy, money will come.

I’m a Cradle Catholic, I never discerned my vocation. I didn’t realize that it was as simple as spending some time with Our Lord and asking Him to guide me. I never really learned to Listen to His Voice either…still working on that. And funny as these next words will sound, I never realized that I had to spend TIME with Him in order to get to KNOW Him and Fall in Love with Him! Who knew that in order to get to know someone and Love them you had to dedicate more than an hour every Ash Wednesday, Easter, Christmas and maybe sometimes on Sunday?!?!

We want our kids to Know Him. To Love Him. To Dedicate their lives to Him. That is first and foremost.

You may ask, what about the 3R’s??  Yes, those are very important too! But Love FOR ACQUIRING the 3 R’s is more important than the receipt of these. In all honesty, how much of what we learned in High School do we remember? How much do we use?

In University we focus on our Career Path and specialize in our area of expertise, if you will. We need to know the basic building blocks and from there we dive off into our area of learning.

In homeschooling, my goal is to instill a love of learning as well as the 3 R’s, for if they Love learning, and know how to seek knowledge and have the basics to acquire it – the 3 R’s – then they will flourish! They will seek to learn more and more about everything they develop an interest in, as opposed to learning how to take tests and pass them. 😉

It’s not for everyone. I realize that. I do believe it is for us. Will I fail? God I sure hope not!! The good thing is He’s got my back 😉 and I have an entire network of people I can reach out to for advice and guidance, not to mention that the Internet is a plethora of tools.

I will try and keep you posted on this new stage in our lives.

What I think I do

Oh and so you know, yeah, I’m Freaking Out!!! 😉  But He’s got this!

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