Mass is SOOOOO Boring!

How many times have we heard or even said that?

Sadly, I must admit that I said it way too many times growing up, and it is not until now that I can look back and understand why.

I had no idea what was happening or why we said and did what we…did!

To be quite frank, isn’t that the case with most things though? If we are ignorant as to the whats, wheres, whys and hows, we are oblivious to its importance.
This was the case for me when it came to Mass.

It is not until now that I am trying to teach my youngest the meaning of the Sacrifice of the Mass that I too am fully appreciating the Miracle that occurs at every Mass on every Altar all over the world!


The Sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is done in a continual, unbloody manner as a holy, living sacrifice on our behalf, each and every day in Mass!
Can we even wrap our minds around that?

I also tell my kids the same thing I was told as a child, that at the moment of Consecration, not only does the Holy Spirit descend upon the Host and Wine converting it to the Real Presence, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, but that the Altar is surrounded by Angels ♥

We have also talked about every part of the Mass:

  • The Introductory Rites
  • The Liturgy of the Word
  • The Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • The Communion Rite
  • The Concluding Rites

We discuss what each part of the Mass means and the responses that we are to give. We discuss how we must participate actively in the Mass, and you know what? It works! They are more knowledgeable than I ever was at their age.

Now, is it foolproof? Are they ever days that they want Mass to fly?
OF COURSE! They’re kids!
But overall, they have a much deeper appreciation than I ever did, and in fact on Feast Days, especially of some of their favourite Saints, they can’t wait to go to Mass.

So can I sit here and tell you that Mass is NEVER Boring?
But I can tell you that knowing what is going on and why, that Understanding the Value of the Sacrifice definitely helps!

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