Retrouvaille.Org – Choosing to Love and Healing The Wounds in Your Marriage

You can never read enough or share enough about this Fantastic Ministry!!

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Retrouvaille comes from the French word for Rediscovery.  It is an International Organization that was started as a Peer Ministry to Heal Hurting Marriages.  Having Catholic Roots, the Retrouvaille definition of Marriage is between a Man and a Woman.  (You don’t have to be Catholic to attend).  Click here to Learn More.

Several Years ago, My Wife and I attended a Retrouvaille weekend.  Our Marriage had become a disaster and We teetered on the brink of Separation.  That Retrouvaille Weekend essentially pushed us back from the Cliff that we were headed over and set us on the path to Recovery.  The weekend is only the beginning and after that you become part of the Retrouvaille Family where you Join an Ongoing C.O.R.E. (Support Group) to continue and reinforce the values learned from the Weekend.

That weekend was very powerful and taught me that “Love is a Decision”.  Our Society…

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