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       This Sunday, the Priest talked about the 70 Disciples.    He told us how we are all called to spread the Good News.  He told us how we don't have to be Great with Words.  He told us that we don't have to go and Preach to others.  He told us that the best way... Continue Reading →

Oh, to be like a Child

  What I wouldn't give to be like my Little Girls and my Nieces!  Oh, to have the Innocence, the Love, the Compassion, the Trust, the Ability to See the Person, to see What Matters about the Person and not the Trivialities, not the Superficialities!  You see, one of my Nieces has to wear a Tot... Continue Reading →


Scary word, isn't it?  Commitment.  To pledge oneself, to bind or obligate by pledge or assurance.  One is bound to a duty, to an obligation. Father pointed out something so true, so obvious, that we, perhaps have failed to see it... When we follow through on a commitment, it shapes us to follow through on... Continue Reading →

Love Enough

  Jesus Christ loves us enough to tell us the truth about ourselves. Those who use other people instead of seeking their authentic good rarely tell them hard truths. It’s too risky; pointing out their failings may result in offense and rejection – like parents who are afraid to discipline their child. But love will... Continue Reading →

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