Very Funny, God, Very Funny…

Why can't this be MY problem?


Thank you, Lord, for this great lesson in Humility! 

Is it fair to say that for the vast majority of us, when we will be in the “Public’s Eye,” e.g. like before a Congregation, we try to look our best?  I would dare to say, YES!  

We shower; change into clean, presentable clothes; fix our hair; shave; put on a bit of make-up in order to highlight our best features; and all those other things that we do to look good.  Is this vanity? I would like to think that no, it isn’t.  Sometimes though, yes, it can be.  For yours truly, it can be.  It isn’t always, but every so often…it is “my favorite sin!” 

Today, well…Today, I was as unprepared as you can be to stand before a group of people, e.g. a Congregation.  Hair was a mess, no make-up, nail polish chipped to the point of non-existence and as unprepared as you can be.  I wasn’t as presentable as I sometimes try to be, much less as prepared as I like to be.  Thus, I was forced to be humble.  I was forced to stand as I stood (:P) with no way of getting out of it.  

Before I went up, I had to laugh, and I did!  I shook my head and laughed.  “Geeze, could you look any worse?  Could you be any more unprepared?” 

Fortunately, God doesn’t really care that my eyebrows were horrid, that my hair was all a-frizz, and He knows what He’s doing when He utilizes you as a Medium.  It is not you that is up there, it is the Holy Spirit through you. 

Thank you for the Reminder, Lord. 

Father, I am here to serve You and You alone.  

As I said, thank you for reminding me of that…But next time, can I at least fix my hair?? 

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2 thoughts on “Very Funny, God, Very Funny…

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  1. lol, yeah that was funny… I mean, your final comment, asking God (Next time could I at least fix my hair)…reminds me of Ezekiel, somewhere, maybe chapter 4, where, though the message, is certainly no laughing matter, to the Israelites of that time, nor to Ezekiel I am sure. But, I can never read it without visualizing God with a big smile on his face, holding back a laugh, when he tells Ezekiel to cook food over charcoal made of human dung, and then eat the food before the people…and Ezekiel begins the (Oh no please God, oh no, not that, Nothing unclean has ever passed by these lips.) Then God replies; ( in such a way that brings a smile to my face every time)because he lets Ezekiel beg and plead for a little while, without coming back with any great Theological explanations, of why he must do this, God Simply says: Okay, you can use Cow Dung…lol ???

    Okay, maybe only I get it…lol
    Anyway, also, I seem to have lost the place we were discussing the digg button, but, yes, you certainly read more of the copyright and terms of use postings than I did…and I thank you for the information.
    I guess, seeing as I have posted some of my song lyrics, as well as, maybe even my Novel Draft to them…I should go now, and bury that hole, and un-digg myself back out of it if possible…Thanks again for a great post, and for some valuable information.
    GOD BLESS you


    1. LOL!! NIIIIIICE!!

      It’s Great to see that I’m not the only one who sees God’s Sense of Humor 😉

      Yeah, digg, not diggin’ their Creative Commons…but then a lot of sites have that…Hmmm, I haven’t read WordPress’ yet!!!
      Something for me to do!

      Thank you again for your wonderful comments 🙂


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