Choosing the Better Part

Time won't give me Time...                  Remember that one?          I don't recall where I read this stat, but it stated that most people, including yours truly, would trade money for time.  We Never have enough it.  There could be 28 hrs. in a day and still I am quite certain that we wouldn't put those... Continue Reading →

God, Our Mother

How amazing is a Mother?  How special her place.  How without equal she is.  How irreplaceable what she does.  I recall hearing the "Grown-Ups" in my family likening God to a Mother.  When something goes wrong and you need something to blurt out, it is either an "Ay Amá - Oh Mother," or an "Ay Dios Mio - Oh My God!" ... Continue Reading →


  You deserve much more than words can say; You make me feel I always will pray, “God, please, be with Mom in a special way. Give her Your blessings throughout the day. Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay. Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray. Help her... Continue Reading →

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