Choosing the Better Part

Time won’t give me Time…        


Remember that one?         

I don’t recall where I read this stat, but it stated that most people, including yours truly, would trade money for time.  We Never have enough it.  There could be 28 hrs. in a day and still I am quite certain that we wouldn’t put those additional hours towards what matters, what truly matters.        

Yet, once again, the Little Ones have it right!         

It is quite humbling when my Children, especially my 13 yr. old (a couple of weeks away from being 14, and soon-to-behave like a REAL Teenager), my Baby and Toddler teach me, time and again, how I am to live life.  In different ways, but, they do.

My 13 yr. old is what many call an “Old Soul.”  He is wise beyond his years.  Always has been.  I recall when he was in Kindergarten.  They were talking about Harriet Tubman.  They were not really going  into all the Wretched details of Slavery, they just wanted to teach the kids who she was.  My, then 5 yr old, not only uses the Word Slavery, but goes into the details of it.  He began explaining to his little classmates how the Slaves were brought over from Africa.  How they were treated worse than animals.  That they were not treated like humans.  The part of his Explanation, however, that touched the Teacher and myself, was when he said that we had not learned our Lesson from our Mistakes.  We don’t treat everybody equally.  It is our responsibility to teach others that Papa Dios made us all the same.         

Even at his age now, officially a Teen and yet still not under the duress of being one, he tells me:        

       ~Mommy, You’re too hard on yourself.  We all know how much you have sacrificed and what you have gone through, even [my Sister].  She may not tell you, but, trust me Mom, she knows.  You do the best that you can.  Besides, all that really matters is that you Love us and you’re there for us in any way that you can.        

Whenever he speaks to me like this, I can’t help but bawl.  It is Painful for me.  I have asked him a couple of times to forgive me my mistakes and my Very, Very Many Shortcomings.  His response is that he has nothing to forgive because I am his Mommy and he Loves me.

 He continually surprises me with how kind, gentle and forgiving he is.  Not to mention Extremely Intelligent!  He was 3 yrs old when he told Jennifer, a University Student at UCSD, that he wanted to be a Paleontologist.  She laughed, looked at me and she said, “I go to UCSD, and have no idea what a Paleo…whatever is!”         

He has the Gift of Loving Books, always has, still does, that is what explains his knowledge of Dinosaurs and Slavery, among other things.  As with any Healthy Teen, however, Video Games do take the Front Seat to many things now.  😉        

I know, I went off on a tangent about my son, I just Miss Him…I Miss them All…Whether they believe it or not, I Truly and Painfully Do…Take a Deep Breath and…        

Yes, the Little Ones DO Teach Me, Thank God they do!         

My Toddler and Baby don’t worry about financial situations.  They don’t worry about work.  They don’t worry about what to make for Dinner.  Much less if the House is Clean.         

When Mommy and Daddy are around, they know what matters.  That we all be together, spend time together, whether it be playing or reading to them.  Enjoying one another as a Family should.         

The Baby is now walking.  She will walk very proudly towards her Dad, squeal, then turn right back to me.  She engages both of us.  She shares her triumphs with us.         

My Toddler will see that I am Pre-occupied and not really paying attention to her.  Well, she’ll start calling me and won’t stop until I Stop:        

       ~Mom.  Mom.  Mommy. Mommy. Mom. Mommy.        

       ~Yeeeeeeeees (But not looking at her).        

       ~Mom.  Mom.  Mooooooooooooom. Mooooooooom.        

       ~Que quieres, what do you want (Still not looking).        

At this point, she’ll drag a chair so that she can reach me, grab my head, turn me to face her and will say again:        


Now, if my Dialogue does not really deliver the “Impact” of the Mom, Mommy…        


After all of this, and Trying my best not laugh, I will look right at her and simply say, “Yes, Mija.”  Then she will tell me the all-important story that needed my full attention.  To be fair, all of her stories and accounts should get my full attention, but, they don’t.  I get caught up in other things, that in all reality, and we’re honest with ourselves, can wait.  Oh, for the record, my 15 Month Old, grabs my face now so that I will look at her when she speaks too.  :S   How sad is that?!?!  HILARIOUS!!  But sad that she has to go to those lengths at her tender age as well.         

La Virgencita
Papá Dios

But This…this is the Lesson that won’t stick.  This is the Lesson that I receive Daily and yet, forget:       

First thing in the Morning and right before bed, my Kids will turn and say Hi to Papa Dios, La Virgencita, Their Angelito de la Guarda and El Niñito Dios.         

El Niñito Dios
Angelito de la Guarda

Mind you, they do have to be reminded of their Prayers in the Morning, not at night (they take up as much time as they possibly can to not go to bed as with many kids), they say them all by themselves, that’s not a problem, just in the morning.   

 What I find truly moving, what hits home every day, is that all by themselves, every morning, as I said, they do say Hi.  They Acknowledge Who is First.  Who Comes First.  And at Night, I guess by saying their Prayers, they are giving Thanks for another day.         

I will be the first to say that I am probably not getting my point across very well with my Post today.  I acknowledge it.  So I will simply state what the point is and save you the agony of reading more Home Stories  😉        

My Kids Choose the Better Part, and will not let it be taken away from them (Luke 10:38-42).           

They are trying to teach me to do the same…        


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  1. All I can say is you must have spent a lot of time diaper changing…Nah, what I really meant to say…is where the Hell did you get the Baby Einstein ? Send him on down to, and lets have a chat//.


    1. LOL!

      Diapers are my LIFE!! =oP

      He’s Amazing! I have NO IDEA what I did to deserve him or his siblings, my 9 yr old is Intelligent, but in a Impatient way. You see, he thinks he knows EVERYTHING, from all his reading, and thus, he TRIES to explain to us ignint’ folk, but gets so exasperated, that many times he just talks down to us =oS
      He can be SUCH A BRAT, but I still LOVE him to Death!!


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