God, Our Mother

How amazing is a Mother?  How special her place.  How without equal she is.  How irreplaceable what she does.  I recall hearing the "Grown-Ups" in my family likening God to a Mother.  When something goes wrong and you need something to blurt out, it is either an "Ay Amá - Oh Mother," or an "Ay Dios Mio - Oh My God!" ... Continue Reading →

Speaking Up, Out and For Oneself

I guess there are times when it is okay to speak up, speak out and speak against even the most righteous.  But ONLY if that righteous one is wrong.  And being human, we are all bound to be wrong, we are human after all. It's funny, I was cleaning out my Inbox and came across this... Continue Reading →


  You deserve much more than words can say; You make me feel I always will pray, “God, please, be with Mom in a special way. Give her Your blessings throughout the day. Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay. Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray. Help her... Continue Reading →

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