a Reversion

I am a Cradle Catholic that knows Nothing. Well, I do Know that I Know Nothing, thus I know Something. I also know that I am Trying to Learn and Live My Faith. The One True Faith. Join me as I learn, fall, fail, and hopefully at times, Grow.

Estar A Tu Lado Otra Vez

Quiero ser nuevamente una chiquilla En tus brazos nuevamente dormir En tu pecho nuevamente llorar Y de ti nunca más volverme a ir. Y nunca más volverte a dejar Y nunca más volverte a llorar, Se bien que no soy la que quisiste que sea. Se bien que lloraste cuando me marché Se que nuestras... Continue Reading →


  You deserve much more than words can say; You make me feel I always will pray, “God, please, be with Mom in a special way. Give her Your blessings throughout the day. Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay. Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray. Help her... Continue Reading →

Los Phoenix Suns

Isn't it Great when you are NOT alone? Isn't it Amazing when we all unite against Unfairness and Discrimination? Isn't it Inspiring when people, influential people, people with Followers, are not afraid to Denounce wrongdoing? Does it not give you hope?? For all you Sports Fans, Here you go: Suns to wear \'Los Suns\' uniforms to... Continue Reading →

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