A Soiled, Filthy, Tattered and Torn Paper Bag

Does anyone else find it frightening that there is a NEED to market the TRUTH?

I remember when I was growing up…a long, long time ago 😉
A priest, Padre Nacho, once told me something that to this day has stayed with me. It was in regards to people taking Communion, but receiving the Body of Christ in their hands…

Now let me give you some background here…

I was maybe around 12ish and my Mom would go on and on about how it was “disrespectful, Blasphemous even, to dare to touch the Body of Christ.”

You see, coming from a Small Town in Mexico, from a very, very conservative Parish, with a strict, traditional Sr. Cura (Pastor), who would remind us quite frequently how “unworthy, sinful, fallen creatures” we were. That we weren’t “fit to even receive, much less touch the Body of Christ! Well, she had issues with it, to say the least.

Now, in Progressive So Cal, it was becoming the Norm…and I would hear over and over about the abhorrent nature of it all! It was something that I was believing as well; as most children who adopt many of their Parental views, or are in the very least influenced by them. And in adopting it I too would voice my opinion. I voiced it to someone who did not judge me and actually took me seriously…Padre Nacho!

If you have read my “Reasons” page, you have a bit of background on Padre Nacho and the Seminarians and their openness towards the Youth.

As I was saying, Padre Nacho took my comments quite seriously and simply asked me this:

“If you are given a Bar of Gold on a Silver Platter, is it still a Bar of Gold?”

“Yes,”I said.

“If you are given a Bar of Gold in a soiled, filthy, tattered and torn paper bag, is it still a Bar of Gold?”

“Of course it is,” I said, and thought, “DUH!”

“Well then, does it not continue to be the Body of Christ regardless of how you receive it?”

I answered nothing, looked down and thought, “Duh, of course.”

So then if we receive the Truth of God, of Life, of Faith…THE TRUTH PERIOD!! Then why does the packaging have to matter?

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