Duh Moment!

From www.dyn.politico.com

It’s funny, the more I write, the more Ideas I get!

I have about 4 drafts started and can’t seem to get back to them to finish because when I do, I get another idea!

The one thing that I have realized, however, is that this blog can and will be multifaceted.

When I began, or when the idea of this blog came to me – I had thought of starting a couple of others – originally the intention was a space where I could take Fr. Mario’s homilies and share my insight of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want that.  But, as things happen around me, as ideas “pop” into my head, I want to express them as well.

At first, I thought of starting a different blog to express my other thoughts and ideas, and then it hit me!  A person that sits in the pews is not One Dimensional!  Any person has layers, as Shrek wisely puts it, we’re onions!  😉  And being an onion, my view, from the pews, can also be an onion!

It may not seem like  a huge epiphany to anyone else, but it is to me.  I now have a great sense of freedom with my own blog…go figure:P

If I offend some, good.  If I touch on trivialities, good.  If I write something that interests you…or you…or you, GREAT!

I do hope you all keep coming and seeing my digressions.  Where my intricacies take us.

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