I’ll Get Back To ‘Ya…

From www.idothings.info

Okay, so there are like Literally tons of Ideas that I want to Blog about…and I KNOW that I’ll forget half of them, or that I won’t be in the mood to write about them later.

Here’s the problem…TIME!  Though my intentions are good and my heart may be in the right place, I tell ‘ya, there just aren’t enough hours in a day!

I want to go into Sin, into Root Sin – now that I know what mine is, Thank You “The Disciple 😉     – , I want to talk about the power that thoughts and emotions can and may have on us, I want to talk about courage, I want to post about how necessary alone time is, I want to talk about Immigration, I want to talk about how the Year of the Priest is nearing its end, yet should NEVER END, I want to talk about being a “Wimpified Parent,” Geeze, there is so much…and I know I probably won’t get to half of them.

Therefore, I tell you what I want to Blog about, so that you know that the “intention” is there and when you don’t see it, and you wanted a Post about it, you can TELL ME SO! 

And TA DA!!!  Now you are as responsible as I!  Heh, heh, like how I worked that in there?  😉

Okay, so this is it for now.  I hope to get back to all or some of these topics later.

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