Reality VS Perception


Have you ever felt that it is all pointless?

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you give, no matter…no matter anything, it just all seems futile.

Reality and rationality prove otherwise, I know.  Yet, and yet…

The feeling of futility, of pointlessness, of all your efforts being in vain, they can be overwhelming.

Being a Parent is a difficult, many times thankless job. 

Being a Son/Daughter is a difficult, unacknowledged job.

Heck, just BEING is a difficult and unacknowledged job  😉

Now why, tell me why, knowing all of this do we still grapple with it? 

We know that each position of another is difficult.  What I mean is, if we put ourselves or have been in another’s shoes, we can empathize.  We know the difficulty that the “other” goes through.  We feel for them, but only to a certain extent.

We will feel for them, possibly even tell them, but we always want them to understand our side.  We want them to see that what we go through is far worse than anything they could ever possibly imagine.

Oh, woe is me syndrome?  Narcissism? 


I’d like to believe that in my case it is not anything like this.  I truly want to believe that I just want some acknowledgment.  I want that the reality of my not being “the bad guy” to shine through! 

Is this so bad?