Not Knowing…

What can be worse than not knowing?

La Incertidumbre es lo peor.

Not knowing when, how, why, or if…

Not knowing if the worse has happened…

It doesn’t even have to be a MAJOR “Not knowing!”

Not knowing if you Passed that Exam.

Not knowing if she/he is going to call.

Not knowing if you’re ever going to find that right someone.

Not knowing if you’re going to have a home tomorrow.

Not knowing if you’re pregnant.

Not knowing if you’re going to make the rent.

Not knowing how you’re going to pay for your kids’ lunch later.

Not knowing if things will ever be the same.

Not knowing if when they tell you they love you, they mean it.

Not knowing when and if you will ever be forgiven.

Not knowing if when your kids tell you they love you, if they are only saying it to get something out of you…

I know what I want to know and believe…

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