The Sublime Game of Baseball



Someone was kind enough to share this Article on St. Joseph the Worker’s  FB Page, titled “A Perfect Game: The metaphysical meaning of baseball“, by David B. Hart.  I am extremely grateful that they did for more than one reason.   

1000 Elysian Park


First off, I LOVE Baseball!  I remember growing up there was nothing I enjoyed more than heading to 1000 Elysian Park Ave.  Dodger Stadium, Baby!  And if you’re a Beaner, like me, then you sat out in the Yellow Seats, Left Field Pavillion.  Though we take up the Entire Pavillion, and the NoseBleed Section too!  😉    

Left Field Pavillion. ORALE!


There you would find entire Families: Abuelos, Abuelas, Tios, Tias, Primos, Primas, and of course Ma, Pa, and the Hermanitos too.  Since the entire family went to see Los Doyers, eating at the Stadium was out of the question!  I mean we all wanted, craved, would have killed for a Dodger Dog! You took Sanguiches, or Tortas, maybe Tacos, definitely Papitas, Refrescos, or maybe just Burritos.  There were also those grown ups that would have us kids sneak in their beer.  Yup, it really did happen.  How do y’all think George Lopez got his Material?    

Wish I was there to have one now...


Another reason I enjoyed the article is that it took me back to the ’80’s.    


Las Voces de Los Doyers. The Voices of the LA Dodgers.


When we weren’t able to see the Dodger Games at Elysian Park, then we watched them on TV.  We would hear the Legendary Vin Scully, deliver the play-by-play, if we watched in English.  If it was a Spanish Broadcast, good ole’ Jaime Jarrin would provide us with all we needed to know.  But the reason I enjoyed watching so much was the excitement, even at home!  My Mom, my Dad, Aunts, Uncles, you name it, all yelling at the TV!  The nerve-wracking silence before a pitch when there was a full count and “El Toro” Fernando Valenzuela was winding up.  I was on pins and needles when my favorite, the Gorgeous, cute-butted, SS, No. 3, Steve “Sexy” Sax, was getting ready to steal yet another base.    

Steve "Sexy" Sax


I can still recall all of my favorite players from the 80’s.  Call me Biased, but they were the best.  They may not all have necessarily played together in the 80’s, but they were my Dream Team:   


  • Steve Sax, #3, 2B
  • Fernando Valenzuela, #34, Pitcher
  • Steve Howe, #57, Pitcher
  • Jerry Reuss, #41, Pitcher
  • Alejandro Peña, #26, Pitcher
  • Rick Honeycutt, #40 and also wore #23, Pitcher
  • Orel Hershiser, #55, Pitcher
  • Bob Welch, #35, Pitcher
  • Mike Scioscia, #14, Catcher
  • Steve Yeager, #7, Catcher
  • Steve Garvey, #6, 1B (My Coma-Sis’ Man)
  • Franklin Stubbs, #22, 1B or OF
  • Dave Anderson, #10, 2B or 3B
  • Bill Russell, #18, SS or OF
  • Mariano Duncan, #25, SS or OF
  • Ron Cey, #10, 3B
  • Pedro Guerrero, #28, 3B (My Sis, Mer-Berr’s Man)
  • Dusty Baker, #12, LF
  • Reggie Smith, #8, OF
  • Ken Landreaux, #44, OF
  • Mike Marshall, #5, OF

 I know I am missing many, but if I continue, I won’t stop until I have Every Player that played in the 80’s.  😛  It was a  Great Time, It was a Great Decade, Totally.   

The LEGENDARY LA Dodgers Infield from L to R: Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Davey Lopes, and of course, Steve Garvey


And finally, I just plain enjoyed READING the Article!  Mr. Hart has a way with words!  His description of the Sport, Sublime!  Truly Sublime.  His Language is Descriptive, Intelligent, Thought-Provoking, and Possesses a Great and Wise Truth:   

Evil, Just Plain Evil


The Yankees are all that is Evil and Wrong is Baseball!  And their fans, not far behind.  😉   

If you Love the Game.  If you Love a Team.  If you Hate a Team.  If you have a Minute…Read the Article.  You will not Regret it!   


Go Dodger Blue!  Think Blue, Baby!  Y Arriba Los Doyers!   


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  1. The Ogden Dodgers were L.A.’s AAA team for many years. My Dad was a barber in the vicinty of John Aalfleck park, the stadium in which they played. He used cut their hair, Tommy Lasorda, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Davy Lopes, etc. Hey, my last name is Dodge and many friends and work associates call me Dodger!


  2. Thanks for the interesting reading…I my self also loved PLAYING baseball…But, I don’t like watching it, unless maybe a LIVE game…and then only if I have a kid in the game or something…Or maybe a momentous game such as this one…Keep in mind Mirella takes all of her pictures from her cell phone. She lives in D.C. though will soon be moving to “Sudan” You would probably enjoy some of her other post as well. Take a look, and have fun.
    God Bless you

    Mirella McCracken’s blog


  3. I also grew up playing baseball and loved it, until I had an asshat for a coach in high school. My Dad probably has mementos, but I don’t possess any. Some of my earliest memories, which date to the early ’70s, are going to Ogden Dodgers’ games with my Dad. I also remember Bill Russell.


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