Ah, Family.

What can one say?

OR, what can one NOT say  😉

With Family, one has it all!  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (LOVED that Spaghetti Western, BTW), The Loving, The Jealous, The Gossipy, The Lies, The Truth (no matter how painful), The Agony, The Joy, The Heartache, The Euphoria, The Righteous, The Lost…You Name It, Family’s Got It!

Mine is NO Exception! 

Flaws, Imperfections, Graces, Virtues, and All, I Love them.  They are what have made me, Me.  As Dysfunctional, Quirky, Amazing, Open, Talkative, Trusting, Naive, Traumatized or Screw Up as I am…I would not be the person I am today were it not for all of them.  And I don’t just mean Immediate Family.  I mean EVERYBODY! 

I was Blessed Enough to have been able to grow-up and grow Close to many Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.  So you see, more material for my Construction. 

No matter what your Family.  No Matter how Good or how Horrible.  How Loving or How Abusive, Remember, You are where you were meant to be.  Thank Our Lord for them.  The Good times and Bad.  Yup, even the Bad.  If you’re still around after so much bad, they only made you Stronger  🙂

However, don’t fall into that Horrid Trap of Blaming them for Everything.  Move On.  Do what you Know is Right.  Be the Person that God wants you to Be!  That you were Meant to be.  Not the Person that your Family is trying to always make you, unless of course it coincides.  😉

Family will sometimes try and mold you to be one way when you’re trying to be another.  And for fear of not fitting in, being accepted, being Loved, many times we are not true to ourselves.

But know what, isn’t it better that they Love you for Who you Really Are??  Instead of them Loving a Stranger that you don’t even Know or care to be?  Think about it…

Besides, if they truly ARE Family, they’ll Love and Accept you Regardless…

Ah, Family.

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