Más Xenophobia

Why does it not stop?

Why is there no end in sight for the Disdain, the Discrimination, the Persecution, the Downright HATRED of those that are Different?  Yes, why is there no end to the Xenophobia? 

I was intrigued and sort of knew what this Post would be about:

That Baby Came Here Illegally

I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a Negative take on Immigration. 

Mr.  Eric Reeves, the author of the aforementioned post, has certainly made a Fan out of me!  I will be stopping by “For Your Consideration” to read Mr. Reeves and Mr. William Mitchell’s Posts.  I hope you do the same.  

Whether I agree or not with what they say does not and will not detract my reading their Posts.  I found myself agreeing with this Particular post, that may not be the case in the others, what will have me coming back is the knowledgeable and credible writing style. 

Besides, Mr. Reeves makes a very profound statement:

 What Sen. Graham is doing is tinkering with the whole grand idea which made the United States different than the rest of the world—the idea that a child wasn’t necessarily held down because of its parents place in the world, that at birth everyone is equal.

In Birth and Death, no one can deny, that we are ALL equal.  It is the in-between part where most of us differ in opinion.

7 thoughts on “Más Xenophobia

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    1. Hmmm, I am a tad confused by your comment.

      Perhaps the same occurred on your end in regards to my post.

      When you say that there would be no Sovereignty, what exactly are you referring to?

      Do you mean the quote? “That at Birth everyone is equal”?

      Are we not? We are all born Naked. We are brought into this world Crying. We are tabula rasa. Anything is Possible =o)

      Is that to what you are referring?

      As for we are all fellow Human Beings…well, Aren’t we? LOL?? Last I checked we are all Homo Sapiens Sapiens =o)


      1. My point is that to say that “We are ALL equal” as a way of objecting to illegal immigration is the equivalent of saying that no borders or boundaries should exist because we are all homo sapiens.

        Which is of course ridiculous: If I broke into your house, smashed everything, and attempted to run out with your valuables, and then was apprehended by the cops, should I be let go because “We are ALL equal”? “Really, officer, I am no different from you, so let me be on my way…” I hope you can see that such mushy sentiments add nothing to the debate.


      2. LOL! Wow…interesting perception.

        If I may.

        My comment on All of us being equal stems from Mr. Reeves Post. Now, if you go back to this post and read my Comment on Mr. Reeves Post and add onto that My Post on My Blog, well then you will see that when I speak of equality, I am totally and utterly agreeing with Mr. Reeves’ point that what has and Does make the US DIFFERENT from other countries is the, well tabula rasa nature that we are endowed with.
        We are born US Citizens, when born in the US of course. This gives us a huge advantage over many who are born in countries that still believe in cast systems, and the such. Thus, equality. Equal Opportunity to live the American Dream.

        Illegal Immigration is a Problem. I stated as much in my comment on Mr. Reeves’ Blog. And I elaborate on it Here And Also Here.

        Now, I do hope that I have comprehended your point, “‘We are ALL equal’ as a way of objecting to illegal immigration is the equivalent of saying that no borders or boundaries should exist because we are all homo sapiens.”

        It does come across a bit convoluted. If you re-read it perhaps you will agree. =o)

        Do not hesitate to correct me if I have misunderstood you once again.


    1. I have not read the article yet. But I will say this…A Good Catholic Christian, and being a Nun, I believe it is quite safe to assume that she was in the very least a Practicing Catholic Christian 😉
      As I was saying, being a Good Catholic Christian, we realize that God’s Plan is a Mystery to us. We do not understand it. But we Love and We Forgive.
      I know, CRAZY, HUH?! But that’s what Christ did, and that is what we are called to do as well. Thus, Her Heart, well, it is now in Our Loving Father’s Hands.


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