Fortune and Misfortune

I was happy to see that quite a few people are interested in the book!

Even my Hubby went and did more reading on Mother Teresa.  I believe that I can take that to mean we will be acquiring the book soon 😉

And speaking of books.  I was picking up a bunch of my Daughters’ books earlier today when I saw one that my Mami left me on one of her visits.  I haven’t finished reading it, but it is a gem of a book.  It is filled with short stories, thoughts, reflections, quotes, basically tiny “digestible” bits.  But do not let the size fool you! No, Sir.  They really evoke deep reflection.  And…remembering this, I opened it and began flipping its pages.  Having done so, now I am coerced to share many of them with you.  Which means, that the other Rant that needs to come out, will have to wait until – Hopefully – tomorrow. 

Before I forget, the title of the Book is Les Dejo Mi Paz 4 by Esmer Moreno Sánchez and Josefina Jiménez Andrade.  Based on the title, I am sure you can figure out why I am going to share passages from the book as opposed to just saying, GO GET IT! 😉 

Although, most of the stories can be found in English, I am certain for many reasons.  Some are old Chinese Proverbs, and there is a mini Bio on Mel Gibson as well.  Be that as it may, I will still share.  And, I shall begin at the beginning.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

Let us never take Fortune or Misfortune as absolutes.

Once there was a poor but wise Chinese Farmer who worked hard alongside his son.

One day, his son said, “Father, what misfortune! Our horse has run away.”

“Why do you call that a misfortune,” the Father asked.  “We shall see what time brings us.”

A few days later, the horse returned, accompanied by another horse.

“Father, what Good Fortune,” the son exclaimed. “Our horse has brought us another horse!”

“Why do you call that Good Fortune,” asked the Father.  “Let us see what time will bring.”

After a few days had passed, the young man wanted to mount the new horse, and the new horse, not used to carrying a rider, got riled up and knocked him down. Due to the accident, the young man broke his leg.

“Oh, Father, what Misfortune,” wailed the son.  “I have broken my leg!”

And the Father, returning to his experience and wisdom declared, “Why do you call in Misfortune? Let us see what time brings us.”

The young man was not convinced or soothed by his Father’s words, he sniveled and lamented in bed over his broken leg.

A few days later, the King’s messengers passed by the village.  They were looking for young men to take with them to fight the King’s war.  They arrived at the Old Farmer’s house and saw the young man’s leg in a splint.  They did not want to take him and continued on their way. 

The Young Man then learned that one must never take Fortune or Misfortune as an Absolute, that one must give Time, Time to see if something is Good or Bad.

Life takes so many twists and turns and its development is so paradoxical, that negative events can bring about positive results and bad experiences can turn into great learning opportunities.  The best thing is to always wait, but above all to Trust in God, because all that occurs can bring something positive into our lives…

 We are well aware that God works with those who love him, those who have been called in accordance with his purpose, and turns everything to their good (Romans 8:28).

Misfortune can weaken our Confidence, but it should not break our Conviction.

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