A Broken Heart…HeartS

Alright, so there has to be something going on…perhaps Procrastination?  Maybe yesterday, but not today.  My Final Rant will have to be moved, yet again.  Due to a Crisis. 

My Beautiful Pumpkin’s Heart has been broken by the NOW-Jerk Ex-Boyfriend.  Not only did he break up with her for no apparent reason, but he did it via TEXT!! 

It is quite evident that he did NOT read my post “Geoffrey’s Tech-etiquette for All!”  Number 10 is quite CLEAR!

10. Don’t email/text/DM what should be spoken in person. Anyone who electronically transmits what should be spoken face to face (i.e. firing an employee, dumping a boyfriend/girlfriend, critiquing performance, etc.) is a coward.   

Or a Punk, a Jerk, a – you must realize, this is my Baby Girl we are talking about, there aren’t enough “nice” Words to verbalize my anger towards this “Coward!” – good for nothin’…yeah, THAT!   👿

And at the same time, I am Glad that it’s over.  She’s only 17.  She has no need to be in a “serious” relationship.  She’s starting her 1st Quarter at CSUSB this Fall.  And like I told her, her University Life will change her completely.  It’s going to be a True Journey to discover who she is, what she believes and show her what she’s capable of.  She doesn’t need the “burden” of the Boyfriend being at another school.  In other words, she does not need an LDR, Long Distance Relationship, not while she’s trying to get College Life down.  She’s going to have ENOUGH to worry about.  Besides, she’s going to be meeting all different kinds of People.  She doesn’t want to have to turn down an opportunity to grab a bite to eat with a guy, just because he’s a guy, because her BF will get upset.  This “guy” may have the makings of a Great Friend, a Tutor, a Mentor, etc.  And to not have the Liberty to associate with him because of her BF, is not something that I want her to have to go through.  Does that make sense? 

My Poor Pumpkin, she has been on this Emotional Roller Coaster for a few days now.  For a couple of days, she was claiming that she was fine, that it was “all good.”  And today, my Baby Girl Broke down.  😥  She needed me.  She needed a shoulder to cry on, but more so she needed her Mommy to hold her and coddle her for a bit.  I don’t know if anyone can even BEGIN to imagine my Impotence!  My Frustration! My Anger! My Hurt…My Poor Baby Girl…

I told her that it was a good thing that she cry.  That she needed to let it out.  I told her that the Hurt wouldn’t go away overnight.  That the time that it’s going to take to get over it can even be twice as long as the relationship lasted.  That she Had to hurt, that’s how she knows she cared.  I told her that she had to cry, scream, write and burn what she wrote, that she had to let the emotions drain from her.  But more important, that she could not keep Talking or Texting this Boy.  Because it would make the Injury Raw all over again.  I told her so many things…But what she needed, what I wanted to give her I couldn’t…Dear Lord, How it Hurt!  I told her to call her Nina, that she would be more than happy to be there for her in the way that I couldn’t.  

I try to tell myself that I’m doing the best I can.  I try to keep busy, call them every day, find out what’s going on, be there in the best way that I possibly can…but the Bottom Line is I’m NOT!  And it KILLS ME!  They don’t know it.  They may never realize it.  But it does.  Every day it does.  More so when things like this happen.  I feel, I am such a Failure.  I have failed them.  I continue to Fail them Each and Every Single Day.  God Forgive Me. 

My Beautiful Pumpkin…

My Baby Girl…

If Only…

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  1. That’s life though. If it wasn’t a text, it would have been something else. When I was a kid if someone was too cowardly to do it in person then they would just send their best friend over to break the news. It might even be worse that way, cause now you’re throwing someone else into the mix that you really would rather not talk to… “uh yeah, Jessica says that she doesn’t want to see you anymore… yeah, she says don’t call her or talk to her anymore… um, okay, bye!” Devastating.


    1. This is true…Very True. Sending a Messenger is Bad! What are you supposed to say to THEM? And the HUMILIATION! Ugh!

      I guess what is killing me is Her Pain and my Failure, my Impotence.

      BTW, Thank you for your comment 🙂


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