México Ganó

Jimena Navarrete

Before I forget… 


Yes, Miss Universe was won by… 

Wait for it… 

Miss MÉXICO!!!!!!!!!!  

La Señorita Jimena Navarrete, 22 years old, from Guadalajara, Jalisco won the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight.  

Pobre Gringos…how they must be gnashing their teeth  😉 

She was cheered by Spanish-speaking reporters clamoring to talk with her after the pageant, and twice answered questions about Arizona’s recent immigration law. 

“Every country has the right to impose and enact their laws,” she said, wearing her new sash and sparkling tiara. “But I tell you that all the Mexicans and the Latins that are living here in the United States are hardworking people — people who want to improve on their quality of life” (Yahoo News). 

Miss Universo