México en la Piel

The Crooner Himself

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, I am of Mexican descent and Proud of it! On September 16th, México will be celebrating its Bicentenario! 200 Years of Independence. And to begin honoring that event, Fr. Roman was Kind enough to send me this Power Point Presentation that I am sharing with you all.

The singer is Luis Miguel

As a Teen, and a Grown Woman, I was swooned by his voice.  Oh, and His Charm.  Oh, and His Looks as well. 😳

What can I say, I have a Crush on the guy!  Though my Husband Teases me like crazy over it, especially due to this pic from the ’80’s

This is the Album Cover that my Husband Enjoys Teasing me about. Luis Miguel Busca Una Mujer, which means, Luis Miguel is Searching for a Woman 😉

And here, without further ado, “México en la Piel”

Well, Here is one of the Best You Tube versions.  For the PPS that I received, you will have to click MEXICOENLAPIEL and either open it or save it.  Sorry.  I tried to upload some plugins, but ugh…I have to open an account elsewhere and yadda yadda…SO, I will allow you all to do the work instead 😛


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