Mexicanos, Viva México!

Viva México! Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!


Tonight marks the 200th Anniversary of México’s Independence.   

Tonight in El Zócalo, the President, Felipe Calderón will give El Grito de Independencia. The Cry for Independence, as did the Priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 200 years ago as he Rang the Bells of the small Church in Dolores, Guanajuato.   

Mexicanos, Viva Mexico!

Interestingly enough, El Grito de Dolores, which is the Cry of Independence, literally translated means, the Cry or Shout of Pain, of Sorrows.  That is precisely what the Mexicanos were tired of, Sorrows, Pain, Oppression.  Only 100 years later, Mexicanos once again would have a Major Bloodbath with the Revolución Mexicana.  November 20th of 1910, they would have to take arms to overthrow the Dictator Porfirio Díaz.     

Grito de Dolores


I was actually, among others, wondering if once again, Mexicanos would have to take arms.  It is 2010.  100 years again.  History would indicate that a new trend was beginning.  Let us Pray that Never Again.    

I did find some Awesome Videos to share with you all.  México, to honor this Grand Historical Event, created 50 One-Minute Videos that Share with the Entire world, 300 Historical Places, the History of the México’s Independence, and the History of México’s Revolution.  Unfortunately, only the Revolutionary Clips are also in English, for now.  It seems that they are working on the Translation of the Independence ones.  But, even if you cannot fully grasp what is being said, the Sights are Breathtaking.  And you can kind of pick up on what is being said via the Pictures too.    

Where it all started that Eve of September 15, 1810. Dolores, Guanajuato.


The website is very well done.  One can surf through México’s Rich and Vast History.  Read about what events are taking place and where.  There is an entire section dedicated to Children.  And SO MUCH MORE!  It is Educational and Entertaining!  Give it a visit!    

I figured that instead of giving you all a History Lesson, I’d let you all surf and discover for yourselves. 😉    

You will be able to read about the History of México’s Flags. The Present one, what it represents, how Our History is Represented on Our Flag.  You can read about The National Anthem, the words, its History and you can even listen to a recording from the Mixteca Region.    

There is so much to Click On and see.    

Oh, and before I forget, a Small Lesson.  México’s Independence is on September 16th, NOT Cinco de Mayo, May 5th.  For some odd reason, many, many people seem to think that Cinco de Mayo is this HUGE Holiday in México, that it is our Independence Day.  NOPE!  Cinco de Mayo is when Méxicano’s that were armed with Machetes, Picks, Sticks and Stones were Victorious in Battle against the Heavily and Modernly armed French in the Battle of Puebla.  While a Very Proud accomplishment, it is only really celebrated in the State of Puebla and Internationally, in International Bars. Any excuse to Party, right?  8)   

Please Enjoy this Video Travel across 22 Mexican States and 300 Historical Locations.   

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