My Favorite Football Team

In a previous Post I mentioned that I was ecstatic that NFL Season had begun.  I mentioned that I had always been partial to the Washington Redskins.  


Well, I need to correct that. 

I do have a Favorite Football Team.  

The Ravens.  

Not the Baltimore Ravens.  My Son’s High School Football Team, the Ravens. 

As of yesterday, they are 2-0.  

Yesterday, the Ravens beat the CA State Champs 12-0!             


My son, my Tall, Handsome, Intelligent, Big-Hearted Baby-Boy plays Left Defensive End.  Sometimes Left or Right Offensive Tackle as well.  😀 

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because I am hoping that someone else cares… 

You see, I couldn’t be there to watch his FIRST-EVER Game… 

I can’t be there to watch ANY of his games… 

I am too far away… 

The people that ARE there, his Father, soon to be Step-Mother, and his Siblings have not gone to see him play yet… 

I can’t be upset at my youngest, he is only 9.  He can’t go by himself.  But everyone else could hypothetically go. 

I understand, work.  But really?  Can you not work a half day to at least see your Son’s Very First Football Game, EVER?  

I am probably not being fair, but nothing is fair.  

It breaks my heart that my Son told me that he looks up at the stands and no one is there.  No Family and none of his Friends.  It Breaks my Heart! 

What right do I have, right?  I’m not there.  I can sit here and Judge.  I can complain and criticize all I want, but what will it change?  Not a Thing! 

You see, what kills me is that it I could go to his games IF I had the means.  I don’t. 

I Hate that for so many instances in my life, Money has been an issue.  It still is.  It probably will continue to be. 

I Hate the Need for it!


I know that money doesn’t make us happy.  And believe me, I wouldn’t want to Compromise or Lose my Soul over some Green.  But Dear Lord, how it would help in situations like this… 

All I have been repeating to myself is what Father Mario said on Tuesday, the Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross: 

You can tell a Good Christian by How he Carries his Cross. 

It is a powerful Statement.  It is so telling, guiding, humbling. 

Right now, I am not being a good Christian.  Far from it… 

But, I Miss My Baby Boy…