Christ IS Risen

I was in Mass the other day and noticed something that perhaps not everyone picked up on, or perhaps it just felt Grammatically correct and thus left unperceived. 

A Cantor, when reciting the Memorial Acclamation said, 

Christ has Died, Christ has Risen, Christ will come again. 

You see, has and has is proper Verb Tense.  *Love this sentence, by the way.* 

Both “has Died” and “has Risen” are in Verb Tense Agreement.  Both are in Simple Past Tense. 

The Correct Memorial Acclamation says, 

Christ has Died, Christ IS Risen, Christ will come again. 

Note the Present tense, IS.  Christ not only Did Rise, but He IS Risen.  It is a Present Fact.  It is an Event that Occurs Daily, at Every Moment. He is Here with You and with Me.  

Furthermore, if you look at the Acclamation you will see: 

God Past…God Present…God Future 


God Was, God Is and God Will Be 

Either way, God IS Timeless.  God IS Eternal.   *That I can conjugate in the Present, because He IS Always Present!* 

Sad that more people didn’t pick up on it.  Even sadder that the Cantor had the Wrong Lyrics, and Couldn’t tell the Difference… 

Peter Paul Rubens' "Christ Risen"

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