Be a Pest!


That is the key. 

In today’s Gospel, the Unjust Judge grants the Widow’s petition, mind you, not because he gave fig about people or because he was Just, he did it because she kept Pestering Him! 

Now, as Jesus points out, if he, an Unjust Man would finally grant the Widow’s petition, how much more would God do for us?  (Luke 18: 1-8)

Here is the funny thing.  It’s never really enough is it?  And what’s worse, is that it doesn’t come when we want. 

To help us with the Patience aspect of it all, or in other words, the benefit of waiting, Father Mario used St. Augustine’s example of the Stretching Bag, or skin, or put here any type of container.

When our children ask us for something and we make them wait, we “Stretch” them.  They, as we, are containers.  And when we are pulled and pushed and made, well uncomfortable by waiting, we are stretched.  And this is a Good Thing.  It gives us more tolerance.  It makes us pliable.  🙂

Look at the first reading, Exodus 17:8-13, when Moses is in a Prayerful Stance, Hands Held -up with the Staff of God in his hands, Joshua is winning against Amalek.  But as he grows weary and his arms tire, his Hands fall and Joshua begins to lose.  So in order to keep him in this Persistent Prayerful stance Aaron and Hur sit him on a rock and each hold up one hand until the sun sets, thereby helping Joshua and the other men beat Amalek and win with the sword. 


Now if only I could persist and be a pest in the same way.  Perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today…

So, the advice for the day, Persist, Persevere…Heck, Be a PEST!  😀

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  1. Interesting… without realizing it, there are many people around me who help me keep my own prayerful stance. One of those things we so easily forget to be thankful for!

    – Thank you!


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